Movies and culture often glamorize being single as the more “desirable” way of life. To not have to answer to someone, to have freedom, and to focus on yourself. If that's correct, then why is this statement true…

94% of single people would rather be in a relationship than remain single.

As we look at the science of relationships, we see that love is far more practical that we think. It's less about emotions and more about boldness. The answer revealed in the video below, might be what you need to make the leap from single to relationship.

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40 thoughts on “The #1 Step To ENDING Your Single Life

  1. Shannan says:

    Quite the contrary. Society tells us being in a relationship is the norm. That is why so many singles long for it. We are indoctrinated as children from our parents to entertainment and everything in between to be in a relationship and to procreate. Neither are pre-requisites to a life of happiness but it’s what our culture tells us.

    • Amy says:

      Shannan – I totally agree and couldn’t have said it better myself. I like Dale and his positivity, but I have absolutely NO idea where he gets the idea that the norm is wanting to be single. The reality is that women are judged for being single more than men and at a certain age (say like 35) if you are a woman and single you are abnormal. Whether you want to be single or are looking – not being a relationship at that point is constantly reinforced as being weird, unusual, or just sad.

      • Fergie says:

        I have to agree with Shannan as well. I’m 33 and single by choice and I feel as though I’m constantly being judged by people. I’m happy with my life and I’m also happy for my friends who are in relationships or married, but I just know it’s not for me. Yet people constantly question my choice and imply that I’m selfish or abnormal; I’ve even had my sexuality questioned. I accept that most people are happiest as one half of a couple, but some of us aren’t – we’re all different and life would be boring if we were all the same. Society needs to accept that not everyone wants the same things from life and to constantly imply that single people are incomplete without a partner is unfair.

    • Dale Partridge says:

      There is truth to your statement. I have adjusted the intro sentence a tad to clarify where I was trying to go. I would agree with amy below and note that the single life is far more glamorized for men than for women. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Meg says:

        I disagree with the introduction that single life is glamourised. Just yesterday I saw an advert in a magazine stating: “BEING SINGLE SUCKS” followed by a promise by the dating agency to find my soul mate. And this is just one. I’m bombarded by dating sites and advice on how to find the perfect guy/girl etc. All of them contain the message that being single is somehow being ‘incomplete’. Just look at popular culture where the guy always gets the girl and vice versa. Yes, the single independent woman might strut around an edgy urban setting in her Louboutin’s and revel in single life for most of the movie but by the end, she realises that what she’s been missing all along is love…and a rich investment banker. Do couples get articles on ‘The #1 Step to ending your relationship and finding yourself?’ No. Do single people ask couples if they’re STILL in a relationship? No. But single people always have to deal with the ‘so do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?’ question followed by the inevitable ‘I can set you up with so and so.’ The assumption is that you’re lonely and you’re looked at like you’re some Bridget Jones Project. Yes, put yourself out there, be bold – I liked that message in the video. But don’t despair at being single – you probably have very strong friendships and you can be alone with and rely on yourself in life’s empty moments. You know yourself inside and out so that one day if you do find someone you can be ready to share the real you with all your flaws and pain and strength and beauty.

    • Dave says:


      I disagree completely. The yearning to be in a relationship with someone is primal and natural. I don’t think there’s any real way to test your theory, but think it all through. What of attraction? We can have attraction without a relationship, but generally people develop emotional attachments. These emotions can run the gamut from one extreme to another, but ultimately we’re naturally predisposed to want to cohabitate at the very least.

  2. Shannan says:

    PS: Great video BTW. I just needed to respectfully disagree with the intro. As always, thanks for sharing!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I still don’t get the point of this? Some of us don’t have a problem trying all the dating sites and functions, telling people how they feel yet getting not responses. They still spend their Saturday nights in their pajamas with their cats.

  4. David Roads says:

    Love this. Great concept. Many of us need to be more bold in our pursuit of relationships! Thanks for the motivation.

  5. Kathryn says:

    I don’t feel attractive enough, nor do I have enough nerve.The times I’ve tried in the past didn’t fare very well.

    • Dale Partridge says:

      Confidence goes a long way for both men and women. Keep your head up and always try again!

  6. Danielle Borer says:

    This is awesome! Although there isn’t anyone specific in my life right now, it made me think about. Maybe I will take a risk and pursue a friendship with someone new. I’ll leave the relationship pursuing to him. haha

  7. Weronika says:

    I do not think everybody should do something like this. I mean taking risk is great and it is worth everything but not in every situation. Why? Because I really like the guy, he is everything I am looking for BUT he is in a relationship. Its great to spend time with him but what’s the poin of letting him know I am totally into him? He would break up with his girlfriend and be with me? Seriously? Doubtful.
    So I don’t think it is the best solution for everybody. Generalization does not always work

    • Dale Partridge says:

      The video wasn’t suggesting to pursue anyone who is already in a committed relationship. I do agree that generalization does not always work, but hopefully people are able to get the general idea of the video, which is taking a risk for possibility 🙂

  8. Brittney Rickett says:

    Listen up ladies!
    If you don’t know how he feels about you then THAT IS YOUR ANSWER!! Don’t chase after anyone, a man will go after what he’s interested in. If he’s in to you he will let you know. I cringed watching these women call up the guys. The guys who are not that in to them or they would have already made that clear!! You are worth pursuing… don’t settle. I will never settle for anyone less than a great man of God.

    • Dale Partridge says:

      Brittney… I absolutely love this! Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage.

    • Patty says:

      I love your comment. I am single and patiently waiting for the man God might put in my path. This is counter to the modern era of women feeling they should pursue men as an equality issue.

    • MR says:

      I agree with you Brittany! I hear so many women say they need a strong guy because they are professional and independent and ask where are the strong men? If they wait God will send them one, but I also think too many have bought into emasculating men then wanting them to be strong and you can’t have it both ways! So trust God, be a lady, and wait (and don’t buy into that I’m tough and strong and need a strong man because I’m an independent woman business – God has it sorted)!

    • Psychscream says:

      Brittney Rickett…you have it so so wrong.It makes me angry that you have just condemned so many good guys out there. I hope you find someone good, but the rest of us guys who are not “worthy” of you will just slip into the shadows. Then you people want to know why strippers, sex workers, pornography and human trafficking is so rife? The answer…please see Brittney Rickett’s comments.

      • Brittney Rickett says:

        Well you see, Psychscream, that’s the thing, I’m not looking for a good guy. First off, I’m not looking for anyone but God. Second, if He does bring someone into my life it won’t just be a ‘good guy’ it will be a great man of God. And whose fault is it if you slip into the shadows? Not mine, or any other woman who has decided she’s not settling for a life of mediocrity. The reason sexual perversion is so widespread is because people are trying to fill a void in their lives that only God can fill. And women who willingly put themselves into these situations haven’t realized their worth. So how is all of that my fault? Because If they thought more like me they’d never be in that situation to begin with. Why are people like me to blame because men like you aren’t willing to step up and be the man God intended you to be?

  9. taylor says:

    This definitely hit on my toes! It’s scary to think that your feelings for someone may not be reciprocated but I guess that’s what taking risks is all about!

  10. Aranka1005 says:

    Now I should really let him know I like him and want to date him to get to know him better. Even though my friends told me that already, I guess a little extra push can sometimes be usefull 😉 Thanks for the inspiration.

      • Aranka1005 says:

        Unfortunately it didn’t work out. I wasn’t the one asking him, but he started. A sad “my ex is still in my mind which isn’t fair for you”
        Who knows, maybe someday

  11. aurora31 says:

    Let the guy friend that I was in the not so awesome grey area of between friends and relationship with know…finally plucked up the courage to have that chat and got friends zoned after months of limbo…sucked/sucks big time BUT far better taking the risk than being in limbo. Scary and could hurt, but the possible reward far outweighs being left wondering what if

  12. andara says:

    I’m clearly abnormal. :p People keep encouraging me to look for a relationship, but I don’t want to. I don’t have the time, energy, or emotional capacity to deal with dating at this point of my life.

  13. Joanna says:

    This video was amazing. I’m currently in a relationship right now and I overthink emotions and situations with my partner, but after watching this video it has reminded me how simple love is and how I’m blessed to be with someone who feels the exact same way I feel about me. This has really helped. A whole lot 🙂

  14. Mike says:

    Although I love a lot of your writings Dale, I will have to respectfully disagree with this one. I personally think that having a strong relationship with yourself is of more importance. If you are not content with your own company, you are simply just using the person that you are chasing to fill this emptiness inside of you, which needs to be filled from the inner. Happiness should come from an inner force. 🙂

  15. Ro says:

    This was a real feel good clip, but I know from personal experience that it doesn’t always end up with a feel good vibe when you express your feelings to someone.. Sometimes rejection on numerous occasions lead people to just give up and bring your self esteem right down. Why keep taking that risk when it keeps blowing up in your face? I’m not trying to be negative about the matter and I do believe love does come to people at least once in their lives, but the rejection can bring you down so much that you just think oh well this may not be for me 🙁

    • Stephanie says:

      That sounds like you and I are on the same boat. I feel that I am getting to the point not wanting to express my feelings for them anymore. Rejection is something that I am always expecting.

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