Affirmations are powerful for rewiring your beliefs and thus impacting your arising thoughts and feelings.

But do you have a persistent and nagging limiting belief that affirmations and other mind training approaches just don't seem to shift?

Here is one key to harness the full power of affirmations in a way that is customized uniquely for you, to effectively rewire that part of your mind that has been resistant.

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Love, Bernadette

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4 thoughts on “1 Vital Key to the Power of Affirmations

  1. Julie says:

    Hi, Bernadette,
    I really needed this vlog. I admit that my nagging thoughts will be difficult to change, but I’m positive your recommendation will help me shift it. Thank you so much!

    • Bernadette Logue says:

      Awesome Julie, so glad to hear that. Wishing you well! FYI – We are also doing another “Master Your Mind” program, probably starting around June or July. The current one is already underway. That program is awesome for dealing to nagging thoughts and negative beliefs, so keep that in mind in case you want further support. Best wishes! B

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