The #1 Way To Multiply Your Business

Too many entrepreneurs today are failing at social media. From posting strategy and content to consumer engagement and platform development. But today we're going to learn about a completely different use of social power.

In 2002 if you did something over the top for your customer they would tell 6 people.

But as Gary Vaynerchuk discusses below things have changed. Today, our marketing stunts, purple cows, and outlandish business ideas to win the hearts of customers have the potential reach far more. This tiny detail has huge impact that we should not just be thinking about, but obsessing over.

What low cost, customer wow-ing stunt are you thinking of pulling off? What creative ideas have you seen in the past? Let me know in the comments below.

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4 Responses

  1. This is some great advice! Listening can open doors talking/marketing/selling cannot. My question would be how do you scale this? If I get 1000 customers a month – how do I pick the ones to go the extra mile for?

  2. Great great great article Dale. Really answered one of my biggest questions I had.

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