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10 Clever Steps to Beating Social Anxiety in the Moment: Dance with the Butterflies, Don’t Let Them Control You

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1. Embrace the Anxiety 

In the throes of a socially anxious moment, start by acknowledging your feelings rather than trying to suppress them. Recognize your fear, greet it, and let it sit with you. This acceptance can often neutralize the power anxiety has over you.

2. Breathe, Just Breathe

While experiencing social anxiety, the simplest and most immediate tool at your disposal is your breath. Deep, slow, and conscious breathing can help alleviate immediate symptoms of anxiety by calming your nervous system.

3. Ground Yourself

Grounding techniques, like focusing on the feeling of your feet against the floor or the sensation of your clothes against your skin, can help bring you back to the present moment and away from anxiety-provoking thoughts. 

4. Spot Your Thought Traps

When anxiety peaks, try to identify any negative thoughts that are intensifying your feelings. Are you catastrophizing or mind-reading? Label these thoughts for what they are: distortions, not truths.

5. Engage in the Present

Tune into the conversation at hand or engage in the activity you’re supposed to be participating in. The simple act of participating can help divert your attention away from the anxious feelings and thoughts.

6. Make Use of Positive Affirmations 

Have a few positive and uplifting statements prepared that you can silently repeat to yourself in a moment of heightened social anxiety. Phrases like “I can handle this,” or “This is temporary,” can have a calming effect.

7. Scan Your Body

A swift body scan can aid in relaxing tense muscles and bringing your focus back to the present. Start from your toes and work your way up, consciously relaxing each part of your body.

8. Smaller Circles

In a larger social gathering, finding one or two individuals to connect with can feel less intimidating than engaging with the entire group. Smaller interactions can lessen feelings of anxiety and give you a sense of control.

9. Implement a Safe Exit Strategy

If things get too overwhelming, have a backup plan. This doesn’t mean you have to leave at the first sign of anxiety, but knowing you have an exit plan can provide comfort.

10. Reflect and Reward

Post the social situation, reflect on your experiences, and reward yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone, regardless of how you think it went. Remember, every interaction is an opportunity for learning and growth.

Remember, while in the moment, the waves of social anxiety might seem monumental, but with these strategies, you can learn to surf them. It’s all about equipping your lifeboat with the right tools and knowing that, with time, the sea does calm down. 

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