10 Clever Steps to Beating Social Anxiety

We've all seen them (I've been one of them). The awkward person at the party who pretends to be on their phone instead of having conversation with other guests. Or the guy who talks too much because they feel as if any bit of silence is a death sentence.

Note: This blog is meant to be playful. I understand many people suffer from a serious version of social anxiety.

If you've followed my blog long you know I have a heart for mental struggles. This video was a fun rendition of practical ways to keep cool when things get weird.

Here's the whole list:
1. Bring Some Friends
2. Get Involved in the Activities
3. Help the Host Out
4. Find Common Interest with Other Guests
5. Do Something Spontaneous
6. Remember That it's Not All About You
7. Don't Drink Too Much
8. Know A Good Party Trick
9. Take a Moment to Breath
10. Be Yourself

Are you socially awkward? What helps you get through group interaction. Share your tricks with me in the comments below.

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11 Responses

  1. I didn’t watch the video so maybe it’s explained better in that, but reading the list, it kind of bothered me. As someone who suffers from severe social anxiety, this post kind of seems like its slightly poking fun at those people who feel uncomfortable in group situations and makes it seem like its really easy to just change yourself and talk to people. This is an actual psychological disorder we’re talking about here. If it were that easy I wouldn’t have had this problem for years, and I wouldn’t be terrified of approaching ppeople or even talking to people in general. Anyway, maybe try researching the topic a little more and gear it towards those who ACTUALLY struggle with social anxiety and aren’t just a little “socially awkward.”

    1. tk – perhaps you can offer some constructive insight here instead of whining. i suffer from SA as well.

    2. Hey man, good luck with your social anxiety. It’s all in your head though. It’s about breaking down those strongholds you once feared that has built a wall for your fear. People are only afraid of fire because they have touched it and burnt themselves. I have social anxiety because I have been shy, and a people pleaser all my life; two things that one shouldn’t be in my opinion, as if one is to be rejected curling into a shell and not talking to anyone isn’t the way to cure yourself. Beating your fear will be you socking your fear in it’s God forsaken mouth. Dale has posted ways that make it easier to break the struggle but it starts with yourself and saying in gonna do this. Man up.


    3. Dale said this is just a funny video and he understands that there are people with serious social anxiety so this video is not for them and not to take it heart. Just laugh at the video. I also suffer from social anxiety amd I found this video hilarious! Laughter is medicine for the soul!

  2. Dale, thank you so much for this video. We all have battles, but with different wars. It was nice to LAUGH, FOCUS on something else and actually SMILE when it was done. Lighten up guys, the motive behind this is GOOD. Take Care.

  3. I have mild social anxiety so I tend to do better one on one, but turn into an introverted home body when it comes to group activities. I recently found that going with a friend really helped me at a party!

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