10 In-Home Date Night Ideas

When I was first married, my husband and I had hardly any money to our name. Having date nights only happened if we could come up with inexpensive things to do at home. After a few years of marriage, we became more financially stable, but we started growing our family. Now, date nights happen after the kids go to bed. We are at home with each other and have learned to make the best of in-home date nights!

Whether you are short on money, saving money, or can't get away from the kids for a night, we believe you still deserve to have a romantic or fun-filled date night.


Here are 10 in-home date night ideas:

1. Popcorn and a movie

This is a typical date night choice, but instead of sitting and watching Netflix, choose a movie you both love. Maybe an old classic or a movie that takes you back to your early dating days. Also, instead of throwing a bag of popcorn into the microwave, make stove top popcorn and have toppings on hand such as chocolate chips, sprinkles, cheese, cinnamon sugar or even caramel to drizzle over the top!

2. Wine and cheese tasting

If you want a fancier date night, choose a variety of specialty cheeses and a few sweet wines to pair together. Relax on the front porch looking at the stars, or sit by the fireplace for a romantic atmosphere while you do your own version of a couple's wine and cheese tasting.

3. Dream casting

One of my favorite things to do is grab a couple notebooks and pens and dream with my husband. We write down all our dreams without any limitations and then share them with each other. Some of our dreams end up being the same while others are different. The ones that are the same, we take a bit further discussing details and setting goals to make them happen!

4. Card game competition

For the competitors out thereThe Dating Divas wrote a post about favorite card games for two players. You can read it here.

5. Take-out and Q&A

Grab your take-out menus, and choose your favorite combination. As you are feasting, spend some time doing a Q&A session with one another. Life Hack has great sample questions to get you started here.

6. Cook dinner and play board games

Try a new recipe to cook together at home. Make a three-course meal: appetizer, main course, and dessert. After your meal, go “old school” and bring out the board games!

7. Couples massage

Unless you have the big bucks to hire a masseuse to come to the home, the idea is to give each other a massage. You don't have to be a pro. Give one another signals for what you like and dislike and learn what works best for the next time around. You will both get better as you go.

8. Make a bucket list

This is a bit different than dreaming together. Create a list of all the things you want to do in the relationship from now until you die. You can even make an online version on the Bucketlist website.

9. Bonfire and s'mores

If you have a firepit area in your backyard, put it to good use! Light a fire, lay down a blanket, and grab s'more supplies. Add in some good conversation and stargazing!

10. Build a fort and make ice cream sundaes

Bring out the inner kid in you on this date! Build a large fort (preferably in front of the TV for a movie night), and buy supplies for your favorite ice cream sundae combos. Buzzfeed offers 40 ice cream sundae ideas here.

Date nights are important no matter how big or small. Spending time together is what's most important. Quality conversation with no expectations of perfection are key to a positive in-home date night experience.

Tell us in the comments what you plan to do for YOUR next date night!

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