How do we know if we're making progress?

It's easy to track tangible signs of our outer progress in things like our career, business, financial situation or health, where we see more obvious and measurable results.

It's not always as clear whether we're progressing when it comes to our personal growth. For example, are we evolving in our inner world spiritually, psychologically and emotionally?

Here are 10 definitive signs you're evolving…

Sign You're Evolving

  1. You no longer make other people's bad behavior mean something negative about you, as you realize people have their own stuff going on and sometimes it spills over in your direction.
  2. When something happens you don't like, you're slightly less reactive than you were in the past (even consciously pausing for a few seconds longer before reacting is a great sign of growth!)
  3. You're more willing to consider new viewpoints including the perspectives of people you feel challenged/frustrated by. This doesn't mean you agree with or like those perspectives, but you're willing to pause to consider before jumping to judgment.
  4. You have a quicker bounce back rate from bad moments and bad days (most likely using positive perspectives and gratitude to refocus yourself to move on).
  5. You speak more kindly to yourself than you have in the past.
  6. You'd rather choose peace over being right, because it feels better! And you practice this.
  7. You no longer believe in old excuses that kept you stuck and you're doing things you've always wanted to do (experiences/goals).
  8. When s**t hits the fan, you spend less time in victim mindset and problem focus, and jump more quickly into looking for solutions.
  9. You say the word “should” less.
  10. You say the word “can't” less.

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