11 Romantic Movies For Your Next Date Night

Want to spend the evening watching romantic movies with a special someone? Well, if you’re looking for great suggestions, you’re at the right place. The movies here were approved by critics and some are even earned a cult status! We hope watching these movies will spark the romance in your life.

So, make some popcorn and snuggle up together with these classics.

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1. The Proposal (2009)


The Proposal is a romantic comedy film set in Alaska and starring Sandra Bullock. The movie revolves around a couple who initially can’t stand each other but later fall for each other hard. The movie’s central character, Margaret, is a Canadian in danger of being deported from the US. To avoid deportation, she enlists her assistant to marry her. The romantic comedy contains an interesting plot twist, and although being slightly cliché, the movie’s comedy makes a good watch.

2. Casablanca (1942)


Another cult classic, Casablanca stars Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman and the story is set in WWII America.  The film is essentially about two guys vying for the same girl while fighting for their lives. The movie won three academy awards and has ranked countless times as one of the greatest movies in history.

3. The Philadelphia Story (1940)


The Philadelphia Story is one of the classic American romantic comedies written by Waldo Salt and Donald Ogden Stewart and directed by George Cukor. Starring Katharine Hepburn, James Stewart Cary Grant, and featuring Ruth Hussey. The film is about a Philadelphia socialite whose first marriage results in a divorce due to her husband's excessive drinking habit. Two years later, after the break-up, the socialite plans a wedding but it is complicated by the arrival of her ex-husband. The movie perfectly portrays how love can be complicated and the human tendency to forget our most precious moments with the people we love.

4. 17 Again (2009)


This 2009 American comedy film was directed by Burr Steers and stars Zac Efron. The film is about 37-year-old Michael O'Donnell who becomes a 17-year old once again after a chance accident. The main character regrets his life at the beginning of the film and gets a new chance to make better choices by returning to high school. There’s also an underlying love story in the film with a deep message.

5. Annie Hall (1977)


Annie Hall is a romantic-comedy film directed and co-written by Woody Allen. As you’d expect from a Woody Allen movie, Annie Hall is rich in intellectual dialogues and cultural references. The three-hour movie is about Alvy Singer, Annie Hall, and their complicated relationship. The movie is funny and witty and you’re not likely to get all gushy as the movie takes a lighthearted approach to romance.

6. Pride & Prejudice (2005)


This is a British-American romantic film, which was based on a novel by Jane Austen. The film portrays five sisters coming from a British family handling issues of misconceptions, marriage, and morality. Elizabeth Bennet is played by Keira Knightley, and Matthew Macfadyen acts as Mr. Darcy. This is a classic story you'll be sure to enjoy watching on film!

7. Titanic (1997)


You’ve probably seen this movie countless times but we’ve still decided to add this all-time epic romance here. The movie is bound to bring even the most stoic among us to tears. The movie depicts the sinking of the RMS Titanic and the onboard forbidden romance between a first-class lady portrayed by Kate Winslet and a third-class artist portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio.

8. Never Been Kissed (1999)


A romantic comedy film starring Drew Barrymore and David Arquette. The film is about a shy 25-year-old copy editor named Josie who works for the Chicago Sun-Times and who has never been in a real relationship. She is enrolled in work posing as a teenager in a high school to reveal the situation with America’s youth. While working on her project, Josie happens to fall in love with the school’s English teacher and the story takes an interesting turn.

9. Romeo & Juliet (2013)


This is a romantic drama film, which is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s masterpiece. The film’s ageless story of undying love between two teenagers is put in its traditional setting to accurately portray Shakespeare’s work. The story really needs no adjusting to make it enjoyable in the 21st century so make sure to watch this movie and see the power of true love.

10. Juno (2007)


Although Juno does not have a love story at its center, it does touch quite a bit on love and relationships. The film is about a 17-year-old who experiments with her friend and ends up becoming pregnant. She goes through all the emotional turmoil tied to an unwanted pregnancy and tries to figure out the destiny of her unborn child. By the end of the movie when things don’t go as planned, Juno starts reconsidering the nature of her relationship with the father of her child.

11. Roman Holiday (1953)


Roman Holiday is an American romantic comedy film, which was produced and directed by William Wyler. This film stars Audrey Hepburn as a royal princess in Rome and Gregory Peck as a reporter for the American News Service also in Rome.  They meet in some unpredictable circumstances as Hepburn was sedated. In this film, Hepburn won an Academy Award for Best Actress. 

Watching movies with your loved one is one of the best ways to spend the evening together. The movies listed above are romantic, interesting, captivating, and memorable. Tell us in the comments, what romance movies would you add to this list?

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