12 Easy Ways To Transform Your Home On A Budget

Our homes offer us a place of peace and rest. When the outside world doesn't make sense, we like to hibernate in the safety of our homes. But what if our home isn't inviting? We sit there and look around at our outdated decor wishing we could transform our homes on a budget. Sometimes we convince ourselves that transformation means ripping up flooring, taking down walls, and buying brand new furniture, but there are much easier ways to get the look you want!

Here is a list of easy changes to make in three main rooms of your home:

Living Room

1. Design a featured gallery wall–include artwork, picture frames, family photos and more! Make this a compilation of meaningful images that represent your family's memories and values.

Source: blesserhouse.com-a southern style DIY blog.

2. Add houseplants–fresh flowers, succulents, and other houseplants add life and instant color to your home. Hang them in planters, place on side tables, or add a floating shelf for a beautiful green display.

3. Add an area rug–instead of redoing the floors, add an area rug! Look around for discounts and find one that is neutral and can work with a variety of colors. That way, if you ever want to change your less expensive decor, you won't have to replace the rug!

4. Add throw pillows–throw pillows for your couches and chairs update without replacing your furniture. Make sure to pick out pillows with removable covers so you can purchase a variety of covers to change the look of your pillows for less. Being able to take off pillow covers will also help you keep them clean.

Source: Jersey Ice Cream Company–A full-service home design company.


1. Put up a backsplash–adding a backsplash changes the whole look of a kitchen! Keep the backsplash as timeless as possible so that it will last for years to come. Think subway tile or herringbone. Aim for a clean look and use a few accessories to add color.

Source: censationalgirl.com–a home improvement & design blog

2. Change out hardware–kitchen cabinets don't always need to be replaced, if you can't add a fresh coat of paint, simply change the hardware.

3. Upgrade faucet–depending on your sink's location, it is typically the focal point of the kitchen. Having an upgraded kitchen faucet is a great way to feel like your kitchen is up to date without acquiring a huge expense of a complete renovation.

Source: Nicole Davis Interiors–an interior design online gallery.


1. Replace shower curtain–shower curtains are an inexpensive way to cover up an ugly shower or bathtub. Use one curtain pulled all the way across or put up two curtains and push them to frame either side of the tub like window curtains.

2. Change out hardware–just like in the kitchen, switching out the hardware is a quick and easy fix to update the bathroom. (I LOVE the hardware in the picture below!)

3. Choose simple, decorative sink accessories–whether it's a bar of soap on an adorable dish, a lovely soap dispenser, or a bouquet of flowers, choose your sink accessories wisely. Don't allow clutter to take over.

Source: blesserhouse.com-a southern style DIY blog.

3. Replace light fixtures–we live in an old house, and the bathroom was so outdated when we moved in! One of the first things we did in there (after painting it gray) was replaced and updated the light fixture over the sink. That alone changed the entire look of the room and was very inexpensive!

4. Add decorative mirror–this was the second change we made to update our bathroom. Replace the frame or the entire plain mirror altogether to give your bathroom a brand new look!

Source: Litte Vintage Nest–all things home.

Remember, your home is a reflection of your family and a place of belonging. If it doesn't quite have that “homey” feel, start making the changes above and look forward to your time at home!

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