15 Minute Chill Out Meditation for Stress

You have a super-power.

It's the ability to shift your mental and emotional state on-demand, anywhere, any time.

And with the pace of life as it is these days, and the number of triggers out there to invoke stress, it is so important you own that power and use it!

Knowing how to chill-out, destress and reset your mental and emotional state is essential if you want to stay positive, healthy and have a greater sense of control amid the pressure of every day life.

The Challenge Is…

Most people say “I don't have time!”

The Truth Is…

We do all have time, but we have to prioritise to use that time in ways that work for us.

Stress Negatively Impacts Your Results

Too often we are racing around doing things from a stressful state, which impacts our effectiveness in what we are doing. You might actually expend more time if operating from stress!

Chilling Out Improves Your Results!

Instead, if you can allow yourself to chill out and destress regularly as part of your daily routine, then:

  • you're calmer and more clear headed
  • you make better decisions
  • you're far more on target and effective in your actions
  • you actually get more done, and
  • stress doesn't have the chance to build up and cause bigger issues in your mind, body and life.

Be Chilled in 15!

With that said, I'm all about creating tools that are practical and viable to integrate into any daily routine, and given time is so precious and people often struggle to work out how to get everything done (including meditating/destressing!), I created the short 15 minute process (audio below) you can use anywhere, any time.

For example, use this meditation for stress audio during a quick break at work to release tension in your body and pressure in your mind. Or use it for a quick reset when you get home from work to cleanse yourself of the experiences of your day before you relax into your precious evening time at home.

I know you can find 15 minutes to care for yourself!

Combining breathing, perspective shifts and mantras, this chill-out meditation for stress audio will guide you out of tension, stress and resistance, into calm, relaxation and inner peace. Feel powerful, safe and in control no matter what is going on around you.

15 Minute Chill Out Meditation for Stress

To share your experiences, feedback or to ask questions, please scroll down to leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing about how you found this meditation for stress audio.

With love, Bernadette

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