Moments to ourselves are few and far between. Our planner overtakes our lives, and we can quickly feel out of control, tired, and neglected. We hear about the importance of self-care, but where do we start?


We created an infographic of self-care ideas for those rare days you may have a few moments to spend on yourself. We covered the following categories:

1. Physical- Get your body moving! Whether it's a walk, run, bike ride, or another form of movement, make sure you are enjoying the activity and not being too hard on yourself. This is self-care, not a competition!

2. Social- Make time for friends, attend parties, or grab dinner with a date! For the extroverts out there, most of the tips listed below can be done with a friend.

3. Emotional- For me, my emotions are often the most neglected. I take care of my emotions best when I am journaling or when I take a long drive or nature walk and am left alone with my thoughts.

4. Practical- All the tips below are easy to implement. You don't need to head out on a vacation or book a two-hour massage–although sometimes those are a nice treat–you can start taking care of yourself right now!

5. Mental- Reading or listening to podcasts are great ways to put positive thoughts into your mind! Life Goals Mag compiled a list of podcasts about becoming your best self.

6. Spiritual- Don't neglect your soul. It's sacred. The Lord said, “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” –Matthew 11:28 

Meditate, pray, and listen to what the Lord has for you during those quiet moments to yourself. Tending to your spiritual well-being will help you feel at peace about all the other parts of your life.

15 Days Of Me

What are your favorite ways to take care of yourself? Share them with us!

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