Fitting into a particular pair of jeans or rockin' a crop top are nice in theory. But they aren't enough to make me set out on a 1-2 mile run or step foot inside a gym. I would rather stay home with bar of a small piece of chocolate in my hand.

Looking great is a nice goal to have, but it's not enough to stop me from hitting snooze, instead of attending a morning yoga class. Doing anything for appearance alone isn't the best motive.

So where can we find the kind of motivation that sticks?


Exercise is directly related to how we feel about ourselves. Sure, watching the pounds fall off is inspiring, but feeling good is what keeps us going. Buffer explains how exercise actually impacts our brains and makes us happier.

Mindbodygreen posted the graphic below of 16 Ways Exercise Makes You A Happier Person. Taking control of our happiness should be a huge motivation! Based on what the list says below, we can use exercise to heal our bodies from stress, anxiety, addiction, and more!

Are you a procrastinator? Exercise!

Are you in a creative rut? Exercise!

Do you lack self-confidence? Exercise!

Exercise makes us feel powerful. Making it a part of our routine doesn't have to look the same for everyone. Being swarmed by 6-packs at the gym may be intimidating, so workouts at home could be your best bet! Cross-fit could be too intense for you, so look into a yoga membership!

It feels good to know a walk around the block, a leisurely bike ride, and even some simple stretching can fuel our bodies from the inside out and put us on the right track toward a positive life.


Remember, don't exercise for the compliments and perfect body. Exercise for your own happiness. Then, and only then, will you experience motivation that lasts!

2 thoughts on “16 Reasons Exercise Makes Us Happier

  1. Karolina says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Nice infographic.

    Definitely, agree that exercising gives a bit of an energy boost. I’ve been exercising for a couple months now and I feel much more energetic than ever. More efficient at work too!

    Another interesting fact: there was a study in Sweden that showed that exercising improves IQ as well! Isn’t that cool?

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