17 Things Your #1 Relationship Requires in Order to Thrive

The #1 relationship in your life is with yourself. No ifs, no buts, no debates. If you stop reading now, could it be that you don’t value yourself?

It is not selfish to say your #1 relationship is with yourself. It is realistic, practical, loving and incredibly insightful! No one wins martyrdom for ignoring their own needs and attending to everyone else’s.

To be the most loving partner, parent, child, sibling, or friend you can be, you first need to be a fully functioning, healthy individual yourself. If you ignore your needs, become depleted and then go out into the world interacting with others, you are robbing them of having the real you!

Here are 17 things that you need to do for yourself in order to thrive, so that you can be the person you want to be for everyone else in your life.

1. Allow yourself to be a priority

Appreciate that caring for yourself is part of how you ensure you can be there for others as well.

2. Put yourself first whenever you feel depleted

Trust your inner knowing when it tells you your cup is full.

3. Schedule regular “you time”

Dedicated just to embracing whatever makes you feel great.

4. Celebrate your strengths

Regularly remind yourself of the things you are great at.

5. Quiet time

Find silence as frequently as you need to in order to stay centred.

6. Talk positively to yourself

Be your own best friend.

7. Forgive yourself for mistakes

Everyone makes them, you’re imperfectly perfect.

8. Love yourself unconditionally

No exceptions, you can only fully give love to others and receive love back from them, if you already love yourself.

9. Eat well

Nourish your body, it needs the right fuel and it relies 100% on your choices.

10. Acknowledge your achievements

Take a moment to enjoy all your wins, big or small.

11. Allocate time for fitness

For your health and for your overall feeling of wellbeing.

12. Rest

Listen when your body says “no more”.

13. Make time for play

Laugh and have fun.

14. Let go of the past

It’s gone, get present.

15. Accept who you are

There is only one of you, with all your wondrous gifts and quirks.

16. Attend to any health problems

Treat your body with respect.

17. Express yourself

Remember what you think and how you feel is valid and important enough to share.

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