2 Words EVERY Bully Needs To Hear. Bam!

I grew up in Rancho Cucamonga California – a medium city about 45 minutes east of Los Angeles. I went to public school and experienced bullying first-hand. Often times, I would even have lunch in the bathroom to avoid confrontation.

After watching this clip, it made me realize bullying might be easier to end than we might think. All it takes is bravery, boldness, and heart.


We're you bullied as a child? Or maybe you were the bully. There is a thousand solutions for it, tell me yours in the comments below.

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9 Responses

  1. Most of my adult life has been affected by the bullying I endured consistently from age 12 throughout my teen years and beyond. Being an outcast as a teen caused me to carry myself in such a way as to continue being bullied by adults once I became an adult. It shaped how I perceived myself, preventing me from passionately pursuing my dreams because, I didn’t think I deserved happiness. I recently turned 49 and, if you had told me when I was 12 that my life experience would be so limited at this point, I wouldn’t have believed you. However, things are slowly changing. It’s taken decades for me to learn to understand who and what I really am, apart from the assumptions and assertions of those who’ve made little effort to truly know me. But I’ve made great advancements. For the first time in my life, I am at peace with myself, my past, my present circumstances and even, for the most part, all of the bullies I’ve encountered. One of the things I’ve recognized that has helped me is that every person is precisely who and what they know how to be. How their individual personalities caused them to interpret the experiences that they’ve endured shaped them into the people who are capable of doing what they do. I pity them, rather than fear or hate them. And I know the truth about me, regardless of what others choose to believe about me without getting to know me. I want to be treated as a fellow human being, worthy of respect for my dignity and valued for the diversity that my individuality contributes to the overall human experience. The more I realize my own worth, the more I see that same worth in every other person, even in the bullies. That’s something they probably do not genuinely recognize about themselves; otherwise, they’d treat others better. I would have preferred that my life thus far had played out differently but, if I had a chance to go back now and change anything, I would change nothing. All of that pain, stress and loneliness was important for me to become who I am now, a unique individual, who’s learning how special he is. I’d love to tie this up with a clincher statement, an “aha” moment, but I can’t. I’m still learning, changing, growing, and that’s how life is supposed to work. And, for some of us, the bullies are an important part of that.

    1. Ya know what, @JamChrisJoy? Although you have gone through most of your life feeling this way, you have succeeded in life (my opinion). So many people go their entire lives not “getting” it. It sucks that people find it okay to humiliate/ridicule/lessen someone’s worth but most do it because of their own inner issues. It’s a deflection to dealing with themselves (as told to me by a therapist). Hold your head up high. You are greater than anyone that can try and make you a lesser person than you are.

      1. Yup! In the words of the great Eleanor Roosevelt, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

    2. We all are still learning, changing and growing and that is the beauty of life. It’s a good thing none of us can go back and change our past because those things refine us. So appreciative of you sharing, man. Thank you

  2. AMEN!!!! Amen to that video!!! ‘STOP it’!!! I don’t even understand how a person can actually say & do such hurtful things. How do you grow up without a heart or feelings? I must be naive. Let’s all teach our children to ‘STOP it’!!!

  3. It really is that simple – sort of. My middle school bully picked me as a pet project when I moved to this cute little town in Indiana in the 3rd grade (1973). She was the biggest girl in the school and terrorized everyone. My family had relocated there from New Orleans. So I was very use
    to bullies and defending myself. So after going through the process of reporting the girl, telling her to leave me alone and then fighting her back. I realized I was going to have to fight her for the rest of my life because NOTHING worked.

    One day, In the sixth grade, she and her hench(wo)men stopped me in a hallway on my way to my locker. Whatever the issue was that day prompted her to hit me in the head. The fight began, kids were cheering and then a teacher showed up, pulled us apart and took us to the principal’s office.

    While sitting outside of the principal’s office waiting for our fate she just stared at me with this
    look of victory. I sat looking disheveled and angry, not knowing how (short of murder) to make this girl leave me alone.

    Suddenly from behind I heard someone laughing as they approached us. “Girl, you fighting
    again?” It was her sister. As her sister got closer she looked at me and her face dropped. She turned to my bully (her younger sister) and said, “YOU WERE FIGHTING THIS LITTLE GIRL?!!! YOU HIT THIS TINY GIRL?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” The smirk on my bullies face dissipated. I swear it was replaced with, by definition, the fear of God. Her sister went on, “You better not EVER put your hands on this little girl again or I’m gonna kick your _____!”

    That ended my bully fighting me almost daily. But, when she was feeling really spunky, she would order one (or more – depending on her carb level) of her drones to do her dirty work.

    It is as simple as saying “STOP IT!” But, teach your children that they have a right to defend themselves. If you go through the entire chain of command and no one does anything it can escalate and become an irreversibly volatile event on an epic level.

    On a side note to bullies – If you were a bully as a child and you truly have reformed – YOU need to identify what caused you to be so angry at such an early age and maybe by doing so you can help these kids that are torturing other children . . . unless you are still a bully. I still wonder what made that child so angry at that age that she wanted to (and would have if she thought she could have
    gotten away with it) murder me. Her attacks (again – I wasn’t her only target) were beyond hostile. She wanted blood. So surely something had happened to her for her to want to hurt so many people. I was the new kid on the block so I was “extra special” in her eyes.


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