The 3 Best Ways To Maximize Goal Achievement

The New Year is upon us, and everyone around is talking about their resolutions for 2017. If you are serious about making your goals a reality in your life, there are three major courses of action you can take to kick distractions and procrastination, in order to make your dreams come true.


1.  Create reminders.

Keep a small note detailing your goal or a small memento representing your goal. Think of it as similar to a Daruma doll, a physical visual reminder to keep you focused and on track. When you handle your small note, read and reread what your goal is and your steps toward achievement. If you choose to use a small token to represent your goal it is a physical tool to reaffirm your commitment to the task at hand. Human beings are physical creatures, so having a physical symbol of your goal will provide a great visual.

2. Create a daily mantra.

Remind yourself daily of your goal with affirming mantras. Ask yourself the question, “What am I actively doing to focus on my goal?” Make sure to follow it up with the question: “Am I taking the necessary steps to see my goal realized?”

Create a positive mantra regarding the achievement of your goal. A good example is the following: “I take the steps necessary to bring me closer to my goal.” Using a positive mantra daily wires your brain to start the day on a positive note. Bringing yourself into a state of awareness allows you to rein in energies that too often are scattered due to the distractions of your everyday routine and beyond. Mantras make you stop, slow down, and become aware of the fullness of your being so that you can focus on your goal.

3. Meditate daily.

Meditation is not just the habit of monks or yogis living in separation from the rest of society. Meditation is an exercise to strengthen the mind and achieve greater clarity and focus. According to Psychology Today, brain scans have shown that meditation improves mental focus. Meditation is an activity that the Journal of Neuroscience has been studying closely. Meditation alters your brain function to be equipped for less wandering and distraction.

Utilizing a physical representation of your goal, affirmative mantras, and meditation are the three best ways you can maximize your success and achieve your desired goals.

The path of life is winding and full of unpredictable ups and downs. However, when you constantly remind yourself of your goals, remember to stay focused on the steps you must take, and meditate on your goals, you sharpen your mind and senses to its greatest capability. You are capable of becoming powerful beyond measure when you choose to take the time to become more aware, focused, and dedicated to working toward the goals you wish to achieve.

How do YOU stay focused and maximize your goal achievement?

Alex Smith is an artist, writer, and amateur baker. She focuses on sharing content related to healthy food choices, DIY, and positive motivation.

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