Closing a sale is a complete mental game. It's incredible watching savvy sales people lock down a killer deal or relationship or even sway someone's opinion.

If you look closely, you see how they craft their responses, monitor their body language, and meticulously manage each specific word streaming from their mouth. It's almost like they're tracking toward a secret entrance into the human mind.

Some of you may be thinking, “I hate those people! I feel like they're fake manipulators that you can never trust.” While there's truth to this, those types of sales people are not truly the best.

The best sales people are honest, authentic, and transparent. They are truly likable individuals.

I find it interesting how businesses spend millions just learning how to make a sale. But here is the secret.

Brilliant salesmanship runs parallel to how the human brain was designed.

Throughout history you see people enamored over the same few character traits: Love, Integrity, Authenticity, Generosity, and Transparency. We think of Lincoln, MLK, Mandela, Mother Teresa, Warren Buffet and even Jesus.

A great salesman must share these traits. Period. Without them, there is no class, no course, and no book that will help you close more deals.  

The human mind was made for love and truth and integrity. When our sales efforts gush these traits, there is nothing stopping us. So, here are 3 easy sales tricks for becoming an incredible sales person, without getting crafty, and while keeping your good name.

3 Easy Sales Tricks For Non-Sales People

1. Be Unbelievably Empathetic
Consumers are homesick for a sales person who truly cares for them. Empathy is a form of love. When you can show a genuine sense of care for another's position, especially while trying to sell them on something, their willingness to open up will skyrocket. Show people love, and you'll close more deals. It's that simple.

2. Remember They Are A Human, Not A Prize.
The moment we place profit over the people we are selling to is the moment the deal will crumble. Humans have a great sense of validity and if they sense the deal is a win-lose… They're out. Treat people how you want to be treated. Work hard for them to win too. Remember they are a person just like you. It's this shift in thinking that will keep you closing more times than not.

3. Generosity Is Like A Boomerang
Generosity is less like an arrow and more like a boomerang. It comes back to you. When you're trying to sell, force yourself to not only find your value, but theirs too. Don't give in to a deal where only you come out on top. While you will have won this singular sales battle, you'll lose the “word of mouth” war.

What basic sales tips have you used? What are your thoughts on these strategies? Let me know in the comments below.

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16 Responses

  1. Great tips. It is so true that authenticity wins every time. This reminds me of something I read that a very successful car salesman wrote. He said something along the lines of, “Most salesman will focus on people who look wealthy. I don’t. I focus on every person. Every one is an individual and unique and is worth something and I want to help them. Over time I created a loyal and stable customer base of people that no one else wanted based on their looks. That is how I am successful.”

  2. Great tips, might want to pay closer attention to your grammar, however. The typos (let’s call them typos) were distracting and made the article less credible.

  3. I work in a sales based industry bringing financial services to families. While I am paid commission based on the services and products a client buys/uses, I focus on what they need, not just stacking more on the pile to build my paycheck. I think when people see the restraint and hear my genuine explanation of why a product is right for their individual situation they really feel like I’m working for their best interests and not just making money off them. I find it also helps to be selling something you can be proud of. If you’re not selling a respectable product you can’t respect the salesperson!

  4. I have found that just simply treating someone with respect and real mannerful courtesy wins the sale every time. Of course you still have to close and that is as simple as smiling with the action plan backing the idea — works every time.

  5. I think you nailed it right to the essence Dale. For someone to be really good at sales, besides knowing very well what he or she is selling, and also being persistent, he has to be authentic, empathetic and true. There is no other way.

    I am an engineer and I have been in sales for more than 20 years, and I came to work as a salesman without even wanting to (that was the job I got at the time). Sometimes people ask me the question that you answered today, and I always answer the same.

    Congratulations on your great Blog.


  6. Hey Dale,
    How would you recommend handling objections in selling or closing? One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that you always agree and that disagreeing is never an option. If you’re trying to close someone and they’re making excuses, how would you get around that?

  7. Cracking a joke is my number 1 at work. If I can get a client to smile and laugh they will buy 9 times out of 10! Humor is my best weapon!

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