Why does failure happen? We forget. We give up. We lose hope. We get busy. We even sabotage ourselves. But ultimately, we fail because we’re human. And that’s part of what we do.

Resolutions are an act of the will. They’re not just words on paper. They’re not cliché and they're not a joke.

To go even deeper on failure, we fail because we lack the fundamental ability to commit. It’s not funny that every year people fail to keep their diets, their commitments to pursue physical health or a more fulfilling career, their commitment to counseling or emotional wellness. Lack of commitment and follow through on things that matter, is not a laughing matter. It reminds me of this positive thought:

Commitment is an act, not a word.

So this year, let’s change. Let's win! Let's see what it feels like to not only commit, but to avoid an failure. Here are …

3 Essentials to Escaping a New Year's Resolution Fail:

Make Only 1 Resolution:

Is that cheating? I don’t think so. One year I made five resolutions. You know how many I kept? One and a half. Isn’t it better to increase the likelihood of follow-through than to spread your energy across the board? Honestly, we’ve all got too much going on. The average number of Facebook checks per day? 14. And that’s just one social media site. As the new year approaches, wouldn’t it be nice to be singularly focused on one crystal, clear goal? What is it for you? If you had to boil down this year’s most important point, what would it be? What do you most want to move toward in life? What do you want to make your number one priority? Make just one resolution. Stay focused. Hone in and do it.

Tell 2 Friends Your 1 Resolution:

Accountability is a virtue our world generally pushes against. But I think it’s necessary for tackling big change in our lives. We need each other to run the race with us, even if they’re just cheering us on. We need encouragement. We also need a swift kick when we’re getting off track. So choose 2 friends who have the guts to be honest with you, 2 friends who are committed to you in word and action and tell them your 1 resolution. Tell them you want accountability. Tell them today.

Pick Low Hanging Fruit:

This might sound lazy, but it’s not. It’s smart. You need to pick fruit (or goals) that are reachable as you “climb the tree” you’ve chosen. The tree can be something grandiose and larger than life, while the fruit are the smaller, achievable actions that you can accomplish this year. In other words, resolve to do something you think you can actually do. Low hanging fruit. Reach for it and grab it.

Remember, commitment is an act, not a word.

What are some of the things you might resolve to do this year? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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