3 Glaring Signs It’s Time for a New Job

1. You’ve Become a Clock Watcher:

And you’re not even time oriented. The hours and minutes move slowly. Because you're spending the majority of your time on duties outside of your gifting, you have frequent thoughts of resentment and frustration toward your work. All you want to really do, is clock-out. This is the first sign it's time for a new job.

2. You’re In Over (or Under) Your Head:

Your job is either too easy or too hard. If you’re “in under your head”, there’s no challenge in your daily routine. Can you say “boredom”? Sure, it might be easy money and it pays the bills, but is that what you really want out of life? Easy money? No challenge? It’s like giving a 10th grader fourth grade reading materials every day and expecting them to be satisfied with their educational growth. Eventually the 10th grader needs to admit: I need more of a challenge.

Or the reverse situation can happen: you may be the fourth grader forced to read 10th grade material. You’re “in over your head”. Again and again, you’ve noticed that you don’t have the skills to accomplish the demands of your job. People have told you, “Fake it until you make it,” but the charades are wearing you down. It takes a big person to admit that you’re in over your head. At this point, wouldn’t you rather find a job that’s a better fit to who you really are, than continue to pretend? It’s best to have integrity: let your words match your actions and move on. There is no shame in this.

3. The Only Pat On Your Back Is Your Own:

I find this to be far too common in today's workplace. You may not be in a “hostile working environment”, but it’s pretty damn close. There’s a general atmosphere of disgruntled employees. Negative Nancies and Normans. Complaints fly daily. If any encouragement is ever given or received it’s from you to yourself. You pat your own back and give your own high fives. Realistically, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to thrive and grow in the long run in this type of work environment. If this is your story, you need to think seriously about why you’re there. Nobody deserves this.

Have you ever moved on from a job, what were some signs you saw? Tell me about them in the comments below.

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12 Responses

  1. Great post! When I was 24 I quit a great job working for a cosmetic dentist. It was a golden job with incredible patients, opportunities to travel and do medical missions, co-workers like family, a boss who wasn’t too busy to instill life lessons vs. being all business all the time. I loved the social aspect and getting to know new patients more than the dentistry. After nearly three years I realized that I wasn’t passionate about dentistry and didn’t see it as a long term career. It was my first “real” job post college and I couldn’t have been more blessed by it! After I quit I moved to New Zealand for a year and then came back and interned with Invisible Children! Facing a similar situation with my current job and have a couple of the *glaring signs you mentioned, watching the clocked and being under my head. After reading Cloud and Townsends “Necessary Endings” my end date will be July 1st and I’m in search of a bold new beginning. Thanks for sharing simple but profound thoughts!

  2. It is funny I ran in to this article! I was working for a company in Hollywood. This month was my one year anniversary but let me tell you, it felt heck of a lot longer than that! Three months into my job not only was the work too easy for me but the work environment became very hostile! I was stubborn and thought ” winners dont quit” So i didnt. I started doing such a horrible job at work that I ended up getting fired and you know what! It felt pretty damn good to walk out of that office. I dont have anyone yelling at me everyday, giving me dirty looks, basically telling me im incompetent and I am a lot more motivated now a days than when I had my job. BEST DECISION EVER. 😀

    1. I wonder, so what’s your option now? I wanted to do the same but the only thing that keeping me from holding on is the thought of ~ money ~

  3. I know that this article is from a few months back but it really resonates with me and I just would like to post a thank you because I’ve been super wishy washy about whether or not I should look for a new job and reading this article gives me the push I need. I started out loving my job and my coworkers but I’ve slowly begun to experience all 3 of these signs as of late and it’s really sad but I’m thinking it’s time for a change. Thanks for this great article once again!! =)

  4. I came across this article on Pinterest. I searched “need a new job” & bam. I love the people I work with, but I feel like I taken advantage of and walked all over. So, yes. I love this article, thank you for making it clear to me that I am actually very unsatisfied. Interviewing for a new, interesting and challenging position tomorrow!

  5. Needed to read this. I’m leaving a job that I love, but I’m not appreciated by my bosses. The last straw was that they wanted to move me to another division because they could bill more money for my work… That left a bitter taste in my mouth, and so I said no. The rest is history next Thursday. Thanks

  6. Needed to read this too!! well well it’s funny how i was browsing my facebook today and i noticed on my news feed one of my friends shared this. and you know what…. i’m really glad that i saw this article and it really helped me to realized that all my decisions i have right now was right. why??? because seeing all these comments especially from the username called “sevenup” i have the same situation like them. I started my new job last month on a retail store. my first week of my new job was good, i thought this job would fit me well on this environment. But i noticed the environment of the store i am in right now is Horrible. The staff people i work with we’re nice at me at first when i first started but as the time goes by i can see they’re true colors. Whenever i come to my work place…. i really feel uncomfortable being on that place. I don’t like the people i work with especially my manager who’s being a prick! (I don’t like him!!) i get dirty looks from my colleagues sometimes. They’re rude when they talk to me, they act like a manager even though they’re not lol. Especially these people i work with right now are like fucking Snake! they gossip other peoples business.. in other words they talk behind peoples back and it really pisses me off when they do that. it happens to me all the time whenever i’m at work. i feel like i am being targeted on that place. i’ve only been working there for a month now and i’m already having problems with these douchebags. I seriously can’t stand all these people!!! the environment of my workplace feels so uncomfortable and i don’t feel i belong on that place. That’s why i’m getting out of that place soon!!! i don’t care if i don’t have a job waiting for me. i rather don’t have a job than work on that place. i must admit i was having second thoughts before. i was kinda getting worried that if i leave my job, i’m might have financial problems again. BUT reading this article made me realized that all the decisions i was planning to leave my job was a right decision for me. So i just wanna say Thank You for sharing this!!!! now i can finally quit my job with no regrets.

  7. If only there were better places where someone would actually see your talents, mentor you and send you up the ladder. It would be amazing. I’ve spent 24 years at a job where I can’t stand the people for the last 14 years but I stayed. Now I have a pension and don’t HAVE to work until I’m 65. It sure came with a grief, frustration and patting myself on the back. Sometimes we’d don’t have a choice. Ah …. but now I’m almost ready to go and embark on a new career adventure. I’m so excited! I don’t want to work for anyone who doesn’t appreciate me and my skills. You’re article is right – if you can’t move on. DO SO…. just be cautious.

  8. I do feel what is written in your article, though my problem is I don’t know how to find what I wanted and what should I do to make me feel happy and excited to go to work each day..

  9. I feel this way every day… and I’ve only been there 4 months. I feel like my brain is melting because I don’t EVER get to use it. I’ve had days where I spent 9 hours in the office and answered ONE support call. I don’t want to work customer service… I want to do math and analysis but I don’t know how to get there. I don’t seem to have taken any of the classes that most employers actually want…

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