The Recipe for More Joy – 3 Ingredients

Here are 3 ingredients that underpin sustainable joy. I call them the 3 Ps.

When these are missing, we will often attach onto external things in life to feed temporary happiness, to make up for the gap, and this may result in a yo-yo effect of up/down happiness based on what is going on around us.

When the 3 Ps are missing it can also lead to feeling numb, limited, sad, disconnected, hopeless, lost, or a void within.

Then once you discover these 3 Ps for yourself, and consciously choose to focus on them and cultivate them, you no longer rely on what goes on around you to generate joy.

The joy moves through you because of you, because of your awareness, because of the perspectives you choose to live from and how you opt to dance with life!

As you watch this vid, reflect on whether you have these 3 Ps in your own life at the moment. If one or more are missing, you can use the tips provided to define them and focus on them as a recipe for more joy…

I'd love to hear your insights on this, your experiences or questions, so please scroll down below to leave a comment and I will reply back as soon as possible.

With love, Bernadette

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8 Responses

  1. Hello Bernardette, thank you very much for this video. I’m currently in a sel-discovering path, trying to find the purpose of my life. I’ve been following your videos and they’ve been my tool to foght anxiety, fear and neagative thoughts and self-talk. it’s been a lonely and hurtful path, but also I feel I’ve been releasing a lot of mud that was inside since my early 6. With your guidance through youtube and your page I find motivation and hope to keep going another day. Today, the reason I am writing, I would like to know how you know when you are psuhing a situation too hard, how to know when it’s time to stop pushing a situation. For example, being in a job where you don’t feel desired and feel people do not want you there (even if they don’t explicitly tell), after having a not so brilliant experience that is to be evaluated by your mentor.

    1. Hi Nadja, I’m so glad to hear that resources have been helpful for you. In response to your question, perhaps reflect on what you want and what feels good to you, and less about what other people do or don’t want. Consider whether you find the specific work, the environment and the community there satisfying and a place you want to be. On reflection, if the answer is yes, on balance there are reasons for you to be there and potential, but there are difficulties in that you don’t feel valued by other people, then perhaps a conversation is needed with your manager to get support and guidance on a path forward in your workplace (but first get yourself clear on why you don’t feel valued/wanted, what it is you need from the workplace/people that is currently missing… really defining the upset in terms of what change would need to happen to make things better), you might also seek strategies to resolve conflict if there are particular people that you are having difficulty with.
      Definitely meditate on a daily basis, just 5-10 minutes morning and night will help, to feel what is right for yourself, letting intuition guide you (deep down you will know if you are pushing too much, if it’s time to stop pushing – but you have to create stillness and space to tap into that intuitive knowing, as it can easily be buried below all the mind noise about the situation). Generally speaking it’s not ideal to feel like you’re “pushing” ie trying to force something. You can be committed, determined, in action, courageous, focused, intentional, proactive, creative and all those good things… but those things aren’t “pushing”. We may mean different things by the word “pushing” but typically when people say they are pushing it comes with a sense of force to try to make something/someone be a certain way when it isn’t, and the energy of pushing is usually part of what keeps the problem in play (pushing doesn’t feel good to you, and other people don’t like the energy of pushing either). Standing back, meditating, sensing the best way forward, and then coming to the situation with new energy, could well recreate the situation and open up new possibilities! You’re also welcome to book in a coaching session if you want further support. Best wishes to you Nadja, Bernadette

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