3 Signs You’re on the Wrong Path

Have you ever wondered… am I on the right path? Am I offtrack? Am I where I'm meant to be?

Well – you're in good company if those thoughts have ever crossed your mind. Welcome to the club! It's called being human. We want to know that our life is heading in a positive direction, and when things don't seem to be vibing for us… we naturally start asking questions!

Below are 3 quick ways to know if you might be on the wrong path or an unhelpful path, along with tips to prompt you into action.​​

These 3 things are fairly good indicators in most situations that you might want to stand back and reassess your situation/direction.

1. Too Many Icky People

You notice you're surrounded by so many people who you not only don't vibe with, but who actually represent to you the opposite of who you are and the way you want to live.

It might be that their values and morals clash with yours, or maybe it's general toxicity (mindset, attitude, behavior, negativity).

Now, important to note – you're not on the wrong path if you have icky people around you! As life is colorful and we all end up with difficult people around us sometimes, or people we don't resonate with. That's not the issue.The issue is when we lower ourselves to fit in with them, when we cut our own values and morals to “belong”, and when we ignore our inner voice which says “What am I doing?!”.

TIP – If you feel the life and joy being drained from you because of who you're surrounding yourself with, it's time to address it. It's not always about big, drastic change. It can be small steps in limiting exposure to those people, and consciously surrounding yourself with more resonant people to balance it out.

2. Persistent Icky Feelings

You notice that what you're doing in your life, or in one specific area of life, leaves you feeling icky. That feeling persists and gnaws away at you. Not only that, but you avoid the feeling, as it's too difficult to face the reality of change that might be required.Having difficult feelings is part of being human. There is nothing wrong at all with icky feelings. That's not the issue.The challenge is when we consistently don't feel good over time, because of the specific direction we are taking in some area of life and we don't address it and course correct.

TIP – In this situation, if your intuition is saying something needs to change, it's time to listen. It doesn't mean you have to have all the answers of what to change or how. It's just being willing to acknowledge that adjustment is needed, either in what you're doing or maybe how you're doing it. Be willing to look honestly at what's going on, and consider one small step you could take to support yourself.

3. Icky Mindset

The 3rd way to know if you're heading down the wrong path, is when you experience 1 or 2 above, and you make up your mind that there's no solution, no way out, and you give up.

That icky mindset, of “no possibilities”, is a sure sign it's time to stand back and reassess.You might find yourself saying things like, “It's too hard to change this. There's nothing better available for me. This is as good as it gets. I don't have any option. Change isn't possible.”

In this situation, you've lost sight of the bigger picture of possibilities available to you, and the powerful person you really are.

Life ain't always easy. And at times we might sink into a really funky mindset that blocks all hope. But it's never too late to adjust that, and it's amazing how rapidly you can change your perspective and create a WHOLE NEW WORLD for yourself.

TIP – Start now by saying, “There is always a solution, even in this situation, and I'm open to finding it.”

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3 Signs You\'re on the Wrong Path

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