You deserve many things in life.

Here are 3 specific things, and I invite you to live this year with the conviction that these 3 things are always available to you…

1. Time to Relax & Have Fun

Life is way too serious and intense for so many people, relentlessly throughout the year.

And for good reason.​​​​​​​​ There are challenges, there are ups and downs, there are losses, there is uncertainty and much more. We don't deny these very real aspects of life.

But you NEED respite from these dynamics.
You DESERVE to carve out moments of time for relaxing and having fun.
Whether it's 5 minutes during your work day, or a whole evening during the week, or for a few days or weeks on vacation.

Balance is key. And the only person who can give that to you is YOU. So if life has become too serious, too intense and you feel the need for respite – look for whatever ways are available to you to create relaxation and fun.

2. The Opportunity to Start Again

It doesn't matter what mistakes you've made, or what has happened in the past. It doesn't matter what might have gone wrong, or what's been lost. It doesn't matter what you said or didn't say. It doesn't matter what you did or didn't do.

You DESERVE the opportunity start again. To be new again. To begin again.

And you are the one who must choose this.

So if you feel like you need to start 2020 afresh, on a new blank canvas, to recreate yourself or any part of your life, as if you've been born again… GO FOR IT!

3. Love

Every human being deserves love. To give love. To be loved. To feel love. To see with loving eyes. To speak with loving words. To act with loving intention. To feel wrapped up in the comfort of loving energy.

And it doesn't matter whether you have loving people around you, whether anyone shows love to you or not. Because YOU ARE LOVE. You have all the love in the world right here… right inside of you in this moment.

Creation loves you so much, that it beats your heart every day. Some people call this God, or the Universe, or Higher Power, or Source. Whatever you belief system is, I honor and respect all people and their cherished faith. Just know, that you are here, because LOVING LIFE FORCE supports you and loves you and wants you here. Sit for a moment, close your eyes and feel how loved you are.


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