Everybody knows that improving your health can make you happier. But what about the other way around? Can becoming happier increase your level of physical wellness? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. There are many ways that emotional and mental well-being are interconnected. Some of these you’ll probably guess before even reading, but I guarantee that many of them will surprise you. There are small changes you can make in your life that will have a double benefit. Not only will you become happier (which is great by itself), but you will also become healthier.


1. You’ll have lower blood pressure if you’re happy.

You may have heard this already and dismissed it as untrue. However, higher levels of contentment really do help lower your blood pressure. This has been proven by multiple scientific studies. So now you have two huge reasons to work on getting lower blood pressure: significant improvements to both your physical and mental health. Thankfully, lower blood pressure is quite simple to achieve. Eating healthier should get the job done in most cases. 

2. You’ll eat healthier without even thinking.

Ever noticed that you’re more likely to avoid the ice cream when you’re feeling good? If you’ve noticed this, then you’ve probably put two and two together and realized that you’re predisposed to binging on junk food when you’re feeling down. Don’t get on yourself too much about this. This is only natural and is a trap that many people fall into. You certainly can try to break this habit, but your time might be better spent treating the root cause. If you put your focus on making changes in your life that improve your happiness level, eating healthier will be one of many positive habits that you automatically start.

3. You’ll have more motivation to work out.

The better you’re feeling, the more energy you have. This is a commonly accepted truth. However, take a minute to think about how you’ll be likely to spend this energy. For example, if you -are feeling a bit blue and simply drink some coffee, you are likely to just fidget around anxiously until the buzz wears off. However, if you are feeling good about yourself and have a lot of natural energy, you’ll want to improve yourself and your body by going for a run or something similar.

To be happy from the start, work on your mindset!

Becoming a happier person is easier said than done, unfortunately. However, one quick change of mindset can help. You simply need to make your own happiness a high priority. When considering certain actions, think about how it will affect your happiness, and then decide how to move forward.

What connection have YOU seen between being happy and staying healthy? Tell us in the comments!

Alex McMillin is passionate about improving the mental, physical, and emotional health of everyday people. He works for Vive Health, a company that is dedicated to empowering people into taking charge of their own well-being.

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