Your soul is always speaking to you. It wants to guide you into your fullest potential and optimal happiness on this life journey.

But the question is – are you listening?

And if you are listening – do you trust it and are you acting upon the messages it's giving you?

This is a 3-part video series, on the 3 ways your soul speaks to you. And first up in Video 1 we're talking about passion!

Life would be very dull without this magical way your soul speaks to you, as it seeks to express into the world.

Your Soul Speaks to You through Passion

In this video:

  • Discover what passion is
  • How to tune into it
  • Why you must listen to it
  • Where it can lead you
  • What stops you from living from your passion
  • What to do next – listening and acting on your passion!

Click here to watch Part 2 – Soul Inspiration and Part 3 – Soul Intuition in this series.

With love, Bernadette

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7 thoughts on “3 Ways Your Soul Speaks to You – Part 1: Passion

  1. Paul says:

    Thanks Bernadette, I really enjoyed watching these videos. I will try to move forward on some of your excellent suggestions . All the best. Paul.

  2. Keza Cynthia says:

    hey 🙂
    AM glad this came to me in this time because i was having problems of how to deal with rumors from skulmates wic are sooo untrue And too hurting but Now i’v realized that wat i think Abt myself it’s wat matters and no need to gudge or question myself Saying Why and stuff!
    Thank you soo much! hoping to tok to u inbox

    • Bernadette Logue says:

      Hi Lyn, I recommend you watch this free video series (link below), particularly video #3 which talks about choosing to be peaceful in the face of triggers, and at the end it talks about how that does not mean being passive, a doormat or allowing people to walk on you. You can be peaceful AND assertive. You can be peaceful AND say no. You can be peaceful AND communicate what you will and won’t accept. You can be peaceful AND walk away. You can be peaceful AND choose to no longer have repeated negative people in your life. There are so many options for being powerful and having boundaries while also being peaceful as you go about it. I hope this makes sense. Sending best wishes to you! Bernadette

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