4 Keys To A Better Work/Life Balance For Entrepreneurs

Your entrepreneurial mission will take up a lot of your time. At the very least, you’ll be working 30-40 hours and maybe even 60 or more.

The plus side is that you have a lot of energy when you’re young, so you can afford to crank out the work you need to do. But on the other side of the coin, you may dedicate too much time to your business and end up overwhelmed.

A recent study found that about half of all U.S. entrepreneurs work at least 50 hours a week, and 20% work 60 or more. Nearly 80% of those surveyed said they feel like they work too much and would prefer to work 40 hours or less per week.

That’s where the work/life balance comes into play. If you’re not balancing your work and your lifestyle, you can start to wear down. Then, your lifestyle and business take an even bigger hit, because you don’t have the energy you need for either one.

The solution is to develop a better work/life balance. And today, we’ll give you some tips:

1. Outsource when possible.

Sometimes you feel like you have to do everything for your business. This is a common thread among entrepreneurs. But when you task yourself with doing everything, you end up spending too much time on mundane tasks that can easily be delegated to other people.

Instead, you should sit down and consider which tasks you can outsource. By outsourcing whenever possible, you’ll free up your time and also make your business more efficient.

Whether it be bringing in a virtual receptionist to handle your calls, or hiring a rock star to push your business forward – you should be open to letting other people handle your business tasks (because after all, you shouldn’t have to do everything)!

2. Have a side passion.

No, we’re not talking about a side hustle! A side passion is simply an activity you enjoy doing and improving.

For example, outside of your work, perhaps you can take up salsa lessons, learn Ju-Jitsu, practice improv, or play for a recreational sports team.

The side passions will give you something to look forward to outside of your work, allow you to meet and build relationships with new people, and also help you to continue the theme of self-improvement in your life.

What’s more, they’ll make you a dynamic and interesting person.

So, figure out a side passion and fit it into your schedule at least one day a week.

3. Keep your health in mind.

When you’re consumed with your work, it’s easy to lose track of other important parts of your life, like your health.

For example, after a long day at the office, you may decide you’d rather have some fast food than cook a healthy dinner. As you resort to this option more and more, your energy starts to drain, you need more hours to complete the same amount of work, and the vicious cycle continues.

Instead, try to do the following:

·      Schedule 2-3 hours of gym time where you lift weights and do cardio

·      Vow to cook a healthy meal at least 3 nights a week (and there are plenty of healthy meals you can cook in 10 minutes or less)

·      Create a morning routine with healthy habits that get you ready for the day (like meditation, reading, and eating a healthy breakfast)

4. Schedule your social time.

Do you neglect social outings with friends in order to get more work done? There’s nothing wrong with doing this occasionally. But when it becomes a frequent thing, your friendships will start to deteriorate and you’ll lose out on the benefits and fun of social interaction (after all, humans are very social creatures).

Schedule your time with friends and family as you would an important meeting. Don’t cancel these outings unless you absolutely have to, and aim to schedule them at least a couple of times per week.

Your entrepreneurial mission is important – but so is your lifestyle and well-being. When you keep a good work/life balance, you maintain health and happiness while pushing your business forward.

What other tips do you have for young entrepreneurs to improve their work/life balance? Let us know in the comments below!

Parker Davis is the CEO of Answer 1, a leader in the virtual receptionist and technology enabled answering services industry.  He believes that the application of data analytics, investment in technology, and fostering a positive company culture together create highly efficient and scalable growth companies.  In 2016, Answer 1 will achieve record revenues while also being awarded the Top Companies to Work For in Arizona award.  Parker is also the Managing Partner of Annison Capital Partners, LLC, a private investment partnership. 


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  1. Starting your own business & handling it for the first few months is really difficult all you need to do is stay focused. As you said have some social time spend it with your family and friends it really feels good.Great work!!!

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