4 Signs She’s Worth Marrying

Getting married is a personal choice and may not be for everyone. Each person creates the life and the types of relationships that resonate most with them. In this article we cover 4 things that provide a starting foundation as the basis for a healthy long term relationship (including for marriage, if that is something you want).

Please bear in mind the 4 points in this article are most definitely not sole indicators of a person’s value nor of their suitability to be in relationship with you. This list is not exhaustive.

Every person is unique, layered, complex and a relationship has many factors to consider.

Some of these points might resonate as important to you, others might not. We’re all unique, so take what works for you and above all else, be guided by your own intuition.

4 Signs She’s Worth Marrying

She shares similar foundation values

When it comes to a lasting happy and healthy relationship, it’s so important to be aligned on the deeper and most important aspects of life. Consider what your foundation values are, and your core beliefs, and whether the person you’re with shares those.

It’s not absolutely necessary to be exactly on the same page on every point, but when values diverge and core beliefs differ, it can lead to issues as you walk this life journey together.

There is mutual respect

Do you respect her? And does she respect you?

Choosing to be partners for the long term means that you both respect each other’s hearts, minds, bodies and individuality.

Without that mutual respect, all sorts of challenges and imbalances can play out.

You can laugh, live and love together

An intimate relationship that will last the test of time is one that includes friendship and fun. As years pass, and you journey this life together, facing all the ups and downs, challenges and triumphs, you need a sense of humor, a bond of friendship, and the type of connection where you genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

She makes you feel “that way”

Each person is unique and wants to feel a certain way when in a relationship.

Think about how you want to feel in your relationship, how you want to feel when you’re around her.

Does the person you’re with make you feel that way?

It’s different for everyone. Maybe you want to feel needed? Maybe you want to feel supported? Maybe you want to feel desired? What’s most important to you, and does your relationship with her give you those feelings and fulfil those needs you have?

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