4 Ways To Encourage A Single Mom

As the group minister at my church, my job requires several interactions with single moms. Through this, I have learned that being a single mom is probably the hardest job on the face of the earth.

Not only do single moms shoulder all of the daily duties of caring for her children and shuttling them to and from their school and extracurricular activities, she usually works as well.

Often there isn’t one spare moment in the day for her to spend on herself. These moms are exhausted and need to be encouraged. And even though it might be hard for some single moms to accept help, it would be difficult for them to deny they need the help or encouragement.


Here are 4 ways to encourage a single mom:

1. Give emotional encouragement.

Encourage her in the things she is doing well. Tell her that her children are great and be specific about what you love about them. Words of affirmation are encouraging to anyone, but when a mother is struggling to do it all, she often wonders if she is doing anything right. Why not send her a text, make a phone call, or send her a card simply to say she is doing a great job and that you are praying for her?

2. Give personal encouragement.

Offer to watch her children for awhile. If you have kids, suggest taking hers to your house for a playdate. Even if it’s for a few hours, having some “free” time will recharge her for when her children return. If a single mom is hesitant to leave her children with you until she knows you better, offer to go to her house and take the children outside to play while she has some time alone to either catch up on housework or kick her feet up to enjoy some relaxation.

3. Give financial encouragement.

Give her gift cards to local grocery stores, restaurants, or retail stores. Single moms are sometimes strapped for cash since they come from a single income household, so a little extra can be a huge blessing! If you think your gift will embarrass her, send support to her anonymously.

4. Give personal encouragement.

Pray for her and her children. Pray for strength and peace to permeate her home and her life so she can feel God right beside her. Let her know you are praying for her family. If she doesn’t attend a church, invite her to meet you at yours and then help her when she arrives. This will allow her to worship with other adults and hear spiritual encouragement.

Most single moms didn’t sign up to parent alone. So they most likely miss having someone to share the load of everyday parenting. By encouraging them in any of these areas, you can help make a difference in the lives of these families. And more than likely receive even more blessings in return.

Tell us in the comments, how have YOU encouraged a single mom?

Or if you are a single mom, how have OTHERS encouraged YOU?

Sherry resides in the Indianapolis area and is on staff at a church where she uses her passion for carrying out God’s mission of moving people closer and closer to Christ. She is blessed with three grown married sons, three beautiful daughter-in-laws and three grandchildren who call her “Gigi”.

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3 Responses

  1. Thank you, from a single Mom of 2. It is the hardest, most rewarding job. And, we do take pride in never showing cracks, but everything you suggested would be incredibly touching. Thanks again.

  2. Hi I have a female friend who is a single mother of One, have been supportive, I am now in love with her I don’t know what to do now.I need advice.

    1. Thanks for sharing where you’re at. Have you had a conversation with her about how you feel? Perhaps take some time to journal your thoughts and feelings first, to consider what is most important to convey to her, and in case it helps, it could be supportive for you and her if you convey the value of your friendship will always remain (no matter who has feelings and no matter whether there is more available in the relationship or not in terms of intimacy). Wishing you the absolute best! B

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