5 Ways To Maintain A Long-Distance Relationship

You have found the one you want to be with, and the only thing keeping you apart is distance. What do you do? For some, the need for physical presence is strong, so a long-distance relationship may not be your thing. But for others, you want to make it work!


Here are five ways to maintain a long-distance relationship:

1. Focus on communication and building trust.

These two parts of a relationship will need the most attention. You will not be able to go on dates the way most couples do, so you will need to add value to your relationship through healthy communication. Be direct about your feelings. Share your experiences. And don't expect your significant other to read your mind. Make yourselves aware of each other's needs and learn to express them.

Building trust is the only way a long-distance relationship will be successful. Trust takes time, but sharing concerns with one another is a positive way to start. Don't put yourselves in situations that you wouldn't put yourselves in if you lived closer. Trust is fragile, so spend time nurturing it.

2. Develop healthy expectations.

Set your expectations for frequent communication low, but set your expectations for quality communication high. The couples who want to talk all day, every day end up frustrated and disappointed. One is always more available to talk than the other and is left feeling neglected. If you plan intentional and quality time to talk, you will both end up happier with much more to discuss when the time comes.

3. Plan long-distance date nights.

Whether it's Skype dates at home, movie dates while you eat popcorn with one hand and talk on the phone with the other, or going to restaurants while you Facetime your date, get creative about how you spend your time together. You can still have adventures and make memories with one another from afar.

4. Balance your time together.

When you are finally able to see each other, make time for spontaneous adventures but also time to relax with one another. If you spend your whole time on-the-go, you'll forget what it's like to spend chill nights on the couch playing board games or watching your favorite tv shows. Don't put too much pressure on your time together making everything feel like a fairy-tale. Do life with one another the same way you would if you lived nearby.

5. Be positive.

Your attitude will play a big part in the success of your relationship. This is a time in your lives you can dedicate to emotional growth.  Stay positive, and enjoy the ride. If it's meant to be, you won't be long-distance forever. And I'm positive you will become a stronger couple because of the time you invested while you were apart.

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