400+ Powerfully Positive Affirmations Audio

Enjoy this 400+ powerfully positive affirmations audio to shift your beliefs, retrain your thinking and uplift your energy.

Take the 30 Day Challenge

With over 1.5 million plays – this audio has supported people all over the world to cultivate a positive mindset.

I invite you to take the 30 day challenge yourself… bookmark this page, or download the audio by clicking the button below, and listen every day for 30 days (morning or night, or both!).

For best results please use a headset or earbuds when listening…

I hope you enjoyed this positive affirmations audio, please let me know your experience in the comments below.

With love, Bernadette

400+ Powerfully Positive Affirmations Audio

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31 Responses

  1. Wow. This is a powerful meditation. I feel very relaxed and empowered after listening to it. Thank you for creating this.

    1. Hey Kimberly, thanks so much for sharing your feedback. Awesome to hear that you’re feeling relaxed and empowered 🙂
      Great connecting with you.
      B x

  2. Hi, Bernadette! Would you be so kind to record affirmations for bodybuilders. About muscle building, faster recovery, best body shape, lift more weights etc. I bet this will be a unique material!

    Thank you for your work!

    1. Hi Yuri, thanks for your message and your request. Body building is an area of speciality that we don’t focus on specifically, however you might enjoy the other audios we have for body and health. One for positive body image and weight loss support (https://www.thedailypositive.com/affirmations-for-weight-loss-support-and-positive-body-image/ ) and one for optimal health and healing (https://www.thedailypositive.com/120-positive-affirmations-for-health-and-healing/). Sending very best wishes! Bernadette

  3. Hello Bernadette / I entered the wrong email for the download. The screen seems to be locked so I can’t correct it !

  4. Hi B,
    I just came upon your web site last Sunday. I listened to the Morning Mantra for Miracles with Your Goals & Dreams. I felt something changed inside of me. Since, I have listened to many segments. How can I reach you directly? Thank you.

  5. We need more people like you out in this crazy world. You make the world a better place! Keep being Positive!

  6. I really appreciate you and your work Bernadette. A few years back I would have found this overlapping kind of affirmation audio too stimulating. But as I have calmed down over the years (as a result in part from listening to your wonderful audios and videos) I am cool as a cucumber as I listen and really enjoy this set of affirmations now. You rock!

  7. I was given this by a friend and I was surprised how my thinking had become so negative. I woke up so happy the day after I listened to this! I’m sold! Thank you for creating this!

    1. Hi Brian
      Thanks for your message 🙂 A pleasure to connect.
      The audios are all for personal use only, and not for repurposing or uploading online. Thank you so much!
      Warmest wishes

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