It’s that time of year again — a time for giving. Sometimes giving can be easy, but most often it isn’t. We wish our loved ones would come right out and tell us what they want. This would save us from playing the guessing game.

To help make it easier, I’ve had my fair share of Christmases and cultivated a list of the items I’d want as an entrepreneur. These ideas may not work for every entrepreneur or business owner, but they’ll work for most.


1. Books

It’s a simple gift, yet often overlooked. Trust me, if you’re buying books for business people, we will accept any book on entrepreneurship. We might not read as fast as you’d prefer. In fact, you might get a text in three years saying thank you. But the gratitude is better late than never!

Go to Amazon or go to your local bookstore; you’ll find an abundance of business books. Even if you buy us a book we have, that’s okay! I’ve bought books and read through them so many times I can no longer distinguish between my highlights and the actual paper.

When you get a book for someone, it means that you care for them enough to know his/her interests. While you might not know business yourself, we’ll be thankful for a gift we can use as a way to improve ourselves. Yes, it’s nice to get new clothes now and then, but as the saying goes, “Knowledge is power.”

If you’d wish, ask the recipient who his/her favorite author is. It’s better than buying something he’ll never use.

I cannot express how grateful I am when someone gives me a book. In a world where you are running around trying to put out fires, it means a lot to realize someone cares for our growth. You can never go wrong with getting someone a book during the holiday season.

2. Gift Cards

When I recommend gift cards, I don’t mean the ones to Target or Amazon. Please don’t get us a gift card where we can buy books, we’ll spend it all within an hour. I’m talking a gift card to a local restaurant or even a restaurant you've tried and now want to extend an open invitation to.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we’re known for having terrible eating habits. Heck, I’m so busy that I eat my lunch while walking. When you get us a gift card to a restaurant, that means we have to relax. I find it funny when people say they want to start a business to gain freedom. We rarely take time for ourselves, so a restaurant gift card may be exactly what we need for a moment of freedom.

The gift card can cover half the meal, or it can cover the whole meal; the choice is up to you.

We live in such a fast-paced world. We’re moving from one task to the next. This gift will help us to slow down.

3. Massage

This goes back to the gift cards. We need time to heal. But we won’t do it unless we’re forced. When I received my first massage, my world changed. I’d been missing out on something great my entire life.

When you get us a massage, we’ll be thankful. If you haven’t bought one for yourself, do so! I recommend getting a massage every other week or at least once a month if you can.

A massage isn’t something you’d think of getting as a present for someone. But, I can guarantee you that whoever you get the massage for will pay you back tenfold.

We’re so stressed during the holiday season. A massage lets us know you are thinking of our well-being.

Don’t just take my word for it. In an article written by Under30Ceo he states the benefits of why entrepreneurs and business owners should get massages. Not only does a massage help relieve stress, but it also makes us smarter and releases endorphins!

4. Gym Membership

Okay, I understand what you might be thinking. When you get someone a gym membership, it will certainly be taken the wrong way.

So I must explain:

We’re told that we need to work out. Every person should go to the gym. In an article written on EntrepreneurOnFire, they tell us reasons why we need to go to the gym. But most of us don’t do it. We’d prefer to wait for father time to catch up to us earlier than expected. If we keep putting off working out until tomorrow, we’ll never do it.

When you buy a gym membership, you need to buy one for yourself too. The both of you can be accountability partners. You pick up one another and push each other.

Pick a gym that isn’t too far away from your house. Any longer than ten minutes and the odds of you sticking around are slim.

The gym is a great place to meet people and relieve stress. I can guarantee you both will always be grateful you did it when you're finished. 

Another plus to a gym membership is the classes you both can attend. They range from cycling to yoga and everything in between! 

5. Calm App

Let me start by saying I couldn’t be more thankful for this app. I used to listen to meditation videos on YouTube before I found this app. Please do yourself a favor and buy the premium version.

No matter what circumstance you might be in, the calm app has the meditation for you. They’ve come out with the daily calm on the app which allows you to meditate to their suggestion. The meditations leave with a message and saying at the end.

I heard of meditation, but I never realized how taking ten minutes out your day can change your life.

The person you get the app for might be skeptical, but tell him to try it. You can either use a guided meditation,  or you can listen to soothing sounds.

No matter how hectic my day might be, I always make sure I take the time to meditate using the Calm App.

We hope the stress of gift buying has lessened after reading through this list. Remember, If you’re looking to get a Christmas present for someone who’s an entrepreneur or business owner, then this list is for you!

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner? What ideas would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments.

Trevor is a 19-year-old entrepreneur who’s had eleutheromania ever since he can remember. When he’s not working or studying, you can catch him by the ocean taking photos of the world in which surrounds us. Trevor is the founder of Trevor James Products and co-founder of Become The Lion.

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