5 Entrepreneurs You Should Be Following

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” was famously written by one of my favorite entrepreneurs, Dr. Seuss. 

Today, we have the opportunity of following leaders at such an intimate level. To see what they eat, the music they listen to, the trips they take with their families, and even the people they follow.

Interesting Tip: I don't just follow these leaders, but their spouses too. While I am friends with almost all of them, I understand that an entrepreneur's closest relationship is with their spouse. This unique relationship trickles down powerful insights and wisdom behind their ability to achieve the life they have. 

1. Scott Harrison

Who: He's the Founder and CEO of Charity Water who has completed 11,900 water projects in 22 countries providing clean water to over 2,700 people per day. Scott also leads over 100 employees/volunteers in New York City and hopes to raise over $50 million in donations in 2014.
Why I Follow Him: Beyond our friendship, Scott is one of the few entrepreneurs who can execute a perfect balance of logic and creative. The Charity Water brand is beautiful, but the organization ticks like a craftsman watch. Furthermore, his wife Vik is their Creative Director, which says a lot about Scott's leadership.
Twitter: @scottharrison
Instagram: @scottharrison
2. Brian Chesky

Who: Brian is the Founder and CEO of Airbnb. Founded in 2008, the company now boasts over 700 employees and is valued at $10 billion. In 2013, the company averaged 100,000 home rentals per day. Whoa.
Why I follow him: Brian is a 32 year old industry changer. He takes on giants. There is a difference between entrepreneurs who launch creative agencies with 20 employees and entrepreneurs who launch capitalistic juggernauts who flip billion dollar industries upside down. This level of leadership requires one part insanity and one part genius. Having a chance to follow a leader like Brian offers wisdom that you can't find in most places.
Website: AirBnb.com
Twitter: @bchesky

3. Pat Flynn

Who: He's the Founder of SmartPassiveIncome.com and leads a community of over 75,000 people looking to make money online. Pat is also an author, speaker, and weekly podcaster.
Why I follow him: Pat is a known leader in my industry. While we've only spoken a few times, he continues to expand my thinking. He was also the inspiration for posting my income publicly. Pat has been practicing public income posting for years and boasts months over $85,000 in revenue. His thinking around online marketing is first class and his strategies will leave you wealthier.
Twitter: @PatFlynn
Instagram: @PatFlynn
4. Nancy Duarte

Who: She's the Founder of Duarte.com and leads over 100 employees helping leaders make better presentations. She's also the author of 3 incredible books on presenting as well.
Why I follow her: Nancy has helped leaders like Steve Jobs and Al Gore develop the world's most compelling presentations. She inspired the world with her TED Talk titled: “The Secret Structure of a Great Talk”. And shockingly, a woman who is this influential, offered to come to my office and listen to my presentation (one-on-one) titled “People over Profit”. Her ability to teach at the top and still value upcoming influencers is a sign of a strong leader.
Website: Duarte.com
Twitter: @NancyDuarte
Facebook: Nancy Duarte
5. Dale Partridge (me)

Disclaimer: Many bloggers are afraid to promote themselves. I want to help them feel more comfortable with this. If you're genuinely good at something, don't be shy about it. People are waiting for your story. I promise.
Who: Many of you know me as the author of The Daily Positive. But I'm also the Founder of Sevenly.org and 6 other companies. I'm the author of an upcoming book titled “People Over Profit,” published by Harper Collins and I've keynoted at both Facebook and Adobe.
Why Follow Me: As an entrepreneur, I've produced over $20 million in revenue in less than 10 years. And since 2011, my companies have generated almost $4 million in donations to charities. In 2013, I was leading 40 employees at age 27 and had just finished raising over $1.2 million in venture capital. I've been featured in Forbes, Mashable, Los Angeles Times, and the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine. Now, my personal mission is to help leaders turn their dreams into a profitable reality.
Website: You're on it πŸ™‚
Twitter: @DalePartridge
Instagram: @DalePartridge
Facebook: Dale Partridge

What entrepreneurs do you follow? Let me know about them in the comments below.

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25 Responses

  1. Hi Dale

    Sorry to be a stickler, but the weblinks to the various entrepreneurs arent working, they’re linked to the post and don’t direct you to the various websites… Just want to make it as easy for people as possible I guess.

    Thanks for the valuable resource.

  2. Love this! Just went through and followed them all (except the 5th guy – I was already following him haha).
    And I like what you said about their spouses as well. I want to make sure my relationship with my wife stands as a pillar along with my relationship with God – so that my path stays on track.

  3. Hi Dale, I will follow as you suggested as I can see how each can expand my outlook and potential. However, may I ask a clichΓ©? My company is going through a redundancy process, could you share your outlook on coping with this? If everyone doesn’t possess an entrepreneurial spirit, but have other strengths (in my case I event coordinate extensively & love marketing; the planning, promoting & successfully executing) then what next?

  4. Hi Dale! Thank you for these resources.
    I have a question concerning blogging. I run a blog that’s focused on abstinence/purity from a Christian perspective. I feature married couples who waited until marriage to be intimate as a way to encourage young adults like myself who are waiting for marriage. How do I go about blogging full time on this subject matter. This is my passion and I’m wondering what steps I should take. Thank you.

  5. Self-Promotion! Nooooo Dale!!! Haha I’m jk. You need to do some self-promotion to be successful. You believe in yourself which is important and you have the experience to back it up. Thanks for this wonderful list. Btw, Scott Harrison has amazing hair. I love that color.

  6. I love this list (good inspiration for me!) and it’s cool how you include yourself! Nothing wrong with tooting your own horn!

  7. Awesome, love finding other inspiring entrepreneurs; thanks for the resources. Self promotion is an essential skill that a lot of people struggle with. James Altucher was actually just talking about how he felt bad asking for email addresses to subscribe to his blog which already has something like 500,000+ subscribers, crazy. Brian Johnson at Entheos and Scott Dinsmore at Live Your Legend are also some great people to follow. If you’re into location independent entrepreneurship than Dan and Ian at Tropical MBA share some of the best content on the topic (in my opinion) that is a lot less “watered down” than others online.

  8. Great list. Glad you included #5 too. Not just because it’s you and you are worthy to follow but the point of not being afraid to embrace that about yourself is wise.

  9. Interesting Dale especially promoting yourself that’s even more encouraging.I Thank God for people like you who make me realize that there is more to me.

  10. One of the great advances of instant communication in my opinion. Getting to share wisdom and knowledge with people we wouldn’t have known existed 20 years ago.

  11. Thank you @dalejpartridge:disqus for being so inspiring to all us young entrepreneurs!! I have a business myself that has focus on creating jobs for many women in impoverished communities in South Africa (where I am from ) I make intentional Jewellery with a purpose. @lalimalujewels and @electricvenus is me!!!! Peace and Love xx

  12. Thank you for the daily inspirations and now this list of great people who inspire so many. No one prepares you for the future and it is encouraging to read about how others see the future. Is it crazy to say I would like to be an entrepreneur? I just don’t know where to star.

  13. Thanks Dale. i really thank God for the way He has led this.I knew of you only recently but your energy and commitment are great. You are the only one I know and follow but I can see that it is great inspiration to follow each of the others. My dream is to stop the falling literacy in Guyana, I am Guyanese and have taught all my life. One way I see that happening is by writing books for children that are good quality but inexpensive. Another way is by preparing materials that teachers can get off the internet of Facebook, or twitter or linked in. The thing is that although I am on all of these I don’t really know how to use any of them to advantage. Really need to learn the language of the internet. I think I’m going to sign up for one of these courses. Continue to be an inspiration.

  14. I would definitely add Charles Lee to this mix! Charles is such a wonderful example of someone who collaborates for good so effectively (and with grace and humility!). His willingness to share his networks reminds me to keep my eyes on the big picture.

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