5 Goals To Set For Your Mind And Body

“Want to enjoy a mindful day? Wake up. Turn your phone on. Meditate. Look at the sky…Then toss your phone into the bushes.” —Waylon Lewis

Now that it’s a few weeks into January, most of us are settling into some sort of routine.

Maybe it’s not warranted to throw your phone away, but if you find yourself missing out on moments of insight for yourself or actual conversation with others, take some time to figure out a few new goals for your mind and body!

When it comes to taking care of your mind, body, and spirit, here are five tips to help bring a bit of mindfulness to your health and wellness, now and in the next year.

1. Take a social media break.

About a month ago, I deactivated my Facebook account and don’t regret it at all. The habit of scrolling and stalking subsides. Soon, you’ll find yourself focusing on other things and creating new routines.

If it’s not realistic to pull yourself away from all social media, try taking a break from one account. I am still using Twitter for business purposes and Instagram for getting a daily photo fix. But with only two accounts, it’s not a constant time suck.

Spending less time in front of the social media screen can open up a lot more time for you to take on other, more creative pursuits. Even a slight increase in creativity can lead to substantial improvements in mental health and overall wellbeing.

2. Do a Whole30.

Clean eating” is all the rage in 2017. Non-processed meals made with fewer ingredients and whole foods is the concept behind clean eating. With free programs like Whole30, you eat meat, seafood, eggs, veggies, some fruit, nuts, oils, and seeds – all outlined in detail in the Whole30 online shopping list.

The premise is that sugar, alcohol, and grains could be negatively impacting your health and fitness without you realizing it. Conditions such as GERD and other digestive ailments, skin issues, seasonal allergies and fertility issues could all be directly related to the food you eat, even the healthy stuff. So it's important to be conscious about how you fuel your body. 

Another popular way to eat these days is through a meal delivery service, such as HelloFresh or Sun Basket. There are many options available for those short on time and inspiration. I love getting meals-in-a-box delivered to my doorstep, I admit. You can sign up for a week’s worth of free meals, so it's worth giving it a try.

3. Hire a trainer.

A recent segment on The Today Show examined which 45-minute activity burned the most calories: jogging, spinning or personal training. It was close, but the workout with a personal trainer burned the most at 448 calories. Jogging burned 394, and spin class burned 424 calories.

Jogging is a slow fat burn, so adding interval training will help burn even more calories. And it’s a free workout. A spin class at the gym can be as intense as you want it to be, but you will burn more calories the harder you work.

Personal training is not just about lifting weights. If you shorten the rest time between intervals, you will burn more calories. Of course, not everyone can afford a personal trainer. But it's worth having the extra motivation to push you harder than you push yourself!

4. Go on a road trip.

By the time March and April roll around, the snow and cold tend to give way to cabin fever. An annual trip to the desert with my bike is one of my favorite trips of the year, especially with friends who like to camp, mountain bike, and hike.

Some of the best spots, which can still be quite chilly in the spring, are Moab and St. George, Utah and Sedona and Tucson, Arizona. Rejuvenate your spirit and say “yes” to new adventures, either solo or with friends. Getting away for a short period of time can be exactly what you need to come back ready to tackle the rest of your goals! 

5. Care for your face.

For Christmas, my sister gave me a ton of inexpensive Japanese beauty masks. Place one of these serum-soaked and paper thin sheets on your face, and you’ll feel great in 30-minutes. They come complete with cut-out holes for eyes, nose, and lips. Although there are many products that support skincare. Find the ones that work best for you and start caring for your face! 

The one part of the face regimen not to forget? Drink water. Complete hydration of your face means not skimping on the intake of H2O. It’s easy to forget to drink water in the winter because we aren’t as thirsty, but if your face feels dry, pound the water. 

Remember, don't set so many goals for yourself this year that you become burned out by February. Take care of your mind and body without taking up all your precious time!

How do you make time to care for yourself? Tell us in the comments!

Melissa Davidson is a writer with a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Montana. She covers business, education, mental and physical health, and breaking news. When she's not hovering over a keyboard, Melissa can be found in the pain cave of endurance sports. 

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