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5 Love Languages Series: Words of Affirmation

Words are powerful. Positive or negative, they leave a stronger impact on some more than others. Those who need words of affirmation to feel loved require an abundance of positive words. Spreading verbal kindness, acknowledgment, and encouragement is the fuel that gives courage to those who seek words of affirmation.

To understand love languages see the introductory post here.

The key to affirmation is kind words. A person who needs this kind of love is more sensitive to insults and negativity. Offer encouraging statements and frequent compliments to ensure an emotional connection. Don’t spend all your time pursuing actions with someone who requires words of affirmation. It really is as simple as speaking sincere, affectionate words.

 How do I give words of affirmation?

  • Give an unsolicited compliment.
  • Write an affectionate letter.
  • Offer encouragement.
  • Send a text expressing why you care about him/her.
  • Give a positive pep-talk.
  • Be an empathetic listener.

Remember, you can never give too much encouragement or too many compliments to someone who values words of affirmation. 

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