4 Signs He’s Worth Marrying

The desire to be married and the desire to be single are both valid journeys. We shouldn't assume getting married is the right path for everyone. But in a recent study statistics show a majority of people would rather be coupled up than end up single in the years after 30.

I recently reviewed a book discussing the true characteristics of a man worth marrying. It's titled: Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough

Ultimately the concept suggests that women should consider “settling” for a man who satisfies her major needs but may not fulfill her laundry list of wants. She makes a great point about the qualities that make up a strong spouse and parent, are not necessarily the same which produce butterflies or physical desires.

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She discussed the misconception women have in the search for the perfect man. How they spend their 20's and 30's passing up 8's to hold out for a 10 (which doesn't exist). They then find themselves in their late 30's and early 40's settling with a 5 because that's all who is left. Pretty powerful concept.

First let me lay down a few rules:

  • Not all 4 may apply to you, but please appreciate that they could apply to others.
  • This is obviously an article for those who desire to be married, if that's not you, look at a few of my other articles. 🙂

4 Signs He's Worth Marrying

You share important core beliefs and values: 

This is number one for a reason. Connecting on a spiritual and emotional level is just as critical as the physical. To be frank, if you don't align on the things that truly matter, it's better to cut your losses now and start the search for the man who does.

You have fun together: 

Now we all have fun on the first 20 dates, but I'm referring to the hundred that follow. Are you able to laugh, have meaningful conversation, and truly enjoy each other for years to come? If so, you might have a keeper.

He's beyond honest: 

If you catch a scent of dishonesty, watch out! A man’s need to lie is a telling clue about his character and emotional health. It can indicate real insecurity, lack of integrity, or lack of moral standards. And if lying shows up consistently while dating, it’s possible to get worse during marriage. The flip-side: a man who consistently tells the truth is a man who doesn’t have something to hide. This is the type of guy worth marrying.

He fights fair (most of the time):

After being married for over 4 years now, I can tell you arguing is a part of every relationship. Of course there will be days where the both of you leave the house in a fit, but we must remember arguments should end with either an agreement, a compromise or a solution to move the relationship forward. But at the end of the day, he must fight fair – not getting angry with each disagreement, not always needing to get the last word in or dropping to the level of throwing insults in place of mature discussion. If your man can fight fair at least most of the time, it's a good sign he's worth marrying.

So where do you stand? Are you passing up 8's to snag a mythical 10? Are you shooting for the moon and not willing to land on a star? How did this article make you feel? Let me know in the comments below.

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307 Responses

  1. Sadly, a lot of ladies don’t find out that a guy has been lying his you-know-what-off until it’s too late. I only hope that the one gal I have in mind figures this out before it’s too late.

  2. I love this article!! and couldn’t agree more. and we hold out for Mr. 10, but forget that we might just be a 7 ourselves. I agree that these 4 points are the most important aspects. I have been married and divorced by 26 and I agree 100%. Core beliefs, Honesty, fun and remaining on the same team despite disagreements is so important. This blessed me today! Thank you Dale Partridge

  3. I really loved this article. I do agree that the man I am with is the one I should marry he fits all of these categories almost perfectly. My one fear is yes he has lied before, maybe 2 times and we have been together 4 years. Reading point 3 makes me feel like that is something I should be worried about. Thoughts anyone?

    1. I think you’re fine in the lying area! I would only consider it relationship-end worthy if its a reoccurring thing. Just pay attention and most of all trust him until he gives you a reason not to! (:

  4. Waited for my 10 and got him! Ten years of blissful marriage! This article is ridiculous. Having unrealistic expectations is one thing but settling for someone who doesn’t give you thrills is a waste of time. Make peace with who you are, love yourself unconditionally and don’t settle for mediocrity. This article is massively insulting to anyone single in their thirties who might be there for tragic or uncontrollable circumstances.

    1. Congrats! But I don’t think the point is to tell people to settle. “Mr 10” is out there, but I don’t believe its on the worlds scale, but more a perfect match for us. You have great tips! But I think the article is more trying to tell people warning signs, so if these things weren’t there, maybe don’t be afraid to keep looking for your match.

  5. Firstly, let me just say, the scale is very subjective. A 8 for you might be a 6 to me. As well, what is now a 10, might be an 8 in a few years, or even months, depending on your growth as a person.
    Ive been dating my boyfriend for 4 years, both of us were married previously and have kids, so it’s freaking hard work sometimes…
    But, he is my best friend, the one person I always want to share my everything with, we laugh together, cry together and sometimes have no clue where to go next, TOGETHER!
    Both of us have made mistakes, have hurt each other, but decided to work hard to ensure our relationship lasts.
    If you love your partner, enjoy their company and your willing to work hard, you can make it, regardless of the steps mentioned.
    The signs are a good base to start, but only the 2 of you can make it work…

  6. I thought I knew him, only to find out he was lying above normal, cheating and insulting me …I could only take so much. One day I sat down with him and I told him if he continues to be what he is..SELFISH, I WILL LEAVE!

    I told him I might be a woman and it might take time for me to get over him but what he does I can do…I can cheat if I want and I can lie just like him and insult him even better but I don’t …I have self respect, I respect him and I hope he can respect me as well…I then told him from that day what he brings in the relationship I will bring as well…He started coming home straight from work even lunch time and he did not stop insulting until I showed him I have a mouth as well..then he changed we have being married for 8 years now we have children and he is now with me as christians! For some they just need a wake up call…For some if there is hope honesty , even if it hurts him

    Be honest with him…don’t cry for him…tell him the truth. .remember if he walks out he would have walked out any way if he stay respect him while guiding him. Fight for the one you love…but don’t fight were you see there is no hope.
    If he loves you: he will change for you (stop lying and cheating )
    HE will appreciate your input…and walks away rather than to shout at you. do the same as well come down and be gendle.

    No one is perfect…Just tell him from the start. ..don’t wait for the ring…before the ring make it a point to tell him what you want in a relationship. Do to me what you want me to do to you! Hope things walks out …and prayers help as well..pray for him..pray that God makes him a better husband…A husband that will love and respect you and be honest with you..As for that I know God answered my prayer! God bless you

  7. Be careful. If he brags about his achievements and his wealth, you may be dealing with a conman ????

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