5 Things To Do To Get Our Physical (And Mental) Health Back

The way we live affects every aspect of our being from our personal relationships with others all the way down to our genes. Keeping our life as balanced and peaceful as we can is not only helpful to living a long life but also a happy one! Drama is fun to watch, of course, but it’s rarely fun to join. Taking the stress and emotional output of toxic habits and relationships out of our lives will help us to be happier, healthier, and all around better!


If you’re curious about how to get started, these ideas should help you out:

1. Make New Friends

One of the biggest factors that influences our happiness is our social relationships. We don’t need a large number of friends, but a few, solid, healthy relationships can have an amazing effect on our health. It can help us to live longer, stay healthier, and keep our brains functioning. Our close friends are important, but our best friends are the most important of all. Humans as a species are social animals. When we are forced into isolation, we don’t do well. But when we’re surrounded by our “tribe,” or the group of people who stand by and support us, we are at our best!

2. Develop Healthier Habits

Habits are not easy to form, but we must! Eating well and working out are difficult, especially when we try to implement them both at once. Instead of jumping on a fad diet or completely revamping a major aspect of our lives, we should try to incorporate these changes slowly. Eat salad with dinner, or ask a friend to join on regular walks around the neighborhood. Commit to meditating for one minute every day.

Take the time to make a plan, write down specific goals, and figure out what motivates us. We should look at our goals and see how far we’ve come and how far we have to go. Maybe we get pumped up by watching sports commercials before a workout. The important thing is to figure out what works for us.

3. Fix or Eliminate Problems

One of the most annoying things is to have problems that we know how to fix but haven’t. Ignoring problems doesn’t help anything, it lets issues fester in the back of our minds, causing us underlying stress and anxiety with no real resolution on the horizon. We must take control, figure out what matters in our lives, and dedicate our time to those things. We’ll give our lives more meaning, and it will make us happier people. 

4. Cut Out The Bad Stuff

Smoking, alcohol and, of course, drugs all have a pretty horrible effect on our health. Lung disease, liver disease, and addiction problems are only the most obvious. Issues with these substances can also erode relationships and lead to plenty of other risky behaviors like unprotected sex and impaired driving. We can try asking our friends out for a sober date instead of the usual 5 o’clock happy hour. There are plenty of things we can do instead, and if we live in a large city, we might even be able to attend a sober morning rave!

5. Practice Gratefulness

One of the best ways to become happy is to learn to be content. Gratitude is good for us in many different ways. It helps improve relationships, gives us better quality sleep, decreases pain, and helps our psychological state. But it’s not always easy. We get used to things in our lives and start to take them for granted very quickly. But if we try saving our money and spend it on experiences instead of things, we’ll be happier and more grateful for them. Keep track of what happened with a journal. It’ll be an excellent reminder of the good times when we’re feeling down.

There are plenty of other ways to get our lives on the right track, but these are a good start. What you want to remember is that your health should be the top priority. Whether we are in our twenties, fifties, or somewhere above or below – putting our health first will ensure more success and happiness in all aspects of life.

Cori Keating is a health and wellness writer and lover. She enjoys reading, running, and doing yoga. Find her writing for her blog, Why So Well, or doing research in the nearest coffee shop.

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