A few nights ago Veronica and I watched an episode of MTV's Ridiculousness. The episode included some of the funniest videos of pranks and unfortunate events we had seen in a while. We laughed so hard that farts may have been present. 😉

As we grow up, we seem to compartmentalize laughter. It's for after work, or after dinner, or on the weekends. But let this post be a reminder that laughing, serious ugly-faced laughing, is a smart strategy for your health, your family, and even your business.

So, let's just take a moment to thank God for laughter… Imagine how dull life would be without it. Enjoy the video below.

How often do you belly laugh or pee laugh or fart laugh? What's the funniest thing you've ever seen? Let me know in the comments below.

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11 thoughts on “5 Utterly Delightful Reasons To Laugh More Often

  1. blessedx4 says:

    I watch this show over my lunch breaks at work, I agree laughter is the best medicine! Great article…the fart laughing made me really laugh!

  2. Eric Ungs says:

    I love this. Laughter is essential. Had one of these over the weekend.

    Even taking the time to reflect, every so often, on who is (laughing) with you, when you are in an uncontrollable laughing attack. Spend more time with those people. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. GeriNunes says:

    Dont wanna sound like the ultimate geek but it would be great if there was a laughter measuring device just like pedometers or sleep measurement gadgets.

  4. Ivana says:

    I do agree with this post. Laugh is the best thing lols i think that’s one of my favorite thing to do. Several days ago I was having dinner with my friends and we played the game “guess the picture” and the picture was put above our head. Then two of my friends got “i am hamper” picture above their heads. They were laughing each other sawing the picture. They have no idea that they had the same picture and it was really funny!!! We laughed so hard and yeahh it was serious ugly faced laugh!!
    I do also agree that laugh makes people more interesting. The one who has great sense of humor is attractive!

  5. Ranae says:

    My dad’s family has farting competitions. It usually results in everyone laughing. I’m not sure how that works, but who says you have to go from A to B to get C?

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