5 Ways To Surprise Your Aging Parents

Everyone gets older; its a fact of life. By the time someone reaches their 60s, they have lots of life experiences. They have seen and done many things, and some things don't thrill them like they used to. If you have parents who are of retirement age, it may be challenging to find ways to stimulate them. However, it is not impossible. Here are some clever and effective ways to surprise your parents.


1. A surprise vacation.

Your parents may be retired, which probably means they have settled down quite a bit. They may not travel, or get out as often as they used to. They have earned this downtime and may prefer their sedentary existence to a jet setting lifestyle. Although this may be the case, this doesn't mean their day to day lives cannot be predictable and boring. This is where a vacation can shake them out of their routine. Whether you are leaving the country, going on a cruise or planning a road trip, it is a break from the ordinary. This will be a surprise they will surely enjoy.

2. A new furry friend.

Your parents are nearing the twilight of their lives. Their kid(s) are all grown up and have moved out of the house. As a result, they may be experiencing empty nest syndrome. With less to keep them occupied, they may become lonely. Perhaps a new pet could be the answer. A dog would be a great companion to ensure your elderly parents stay active. A cat makes the perfect lap companion. Whatever pet you choose to bless your parents with, it will be sure to surprise them, and put a smile on their faces.

3. A new hobby.

If your parents are retired, they will have more time on their hands than usual. They may be bored, but fortunately, there are many things they can do to occupy their time. There could be an activity that suits your parents, and they may not know it. Surprise them by signing them up for an arts and crafts activity, buy them sporting equipment and lessons, or take on a project with them. A chapter of their life may be ending, but a fun new chapter may be beginning.

4. A night out on the town.

Most 60-year-old people do not get out much, nor do they have much of a night life. That means treating them to a night out would be the perfect way to surprise them. It can be a special event like a play or concert, or something simple like going to see a movie. Whatever the case may be, your parents will likely enjoy the experience and will love spending time with you.

5. Pay them back.

Your parents have done so much for you. They have provided you with food, shelter, clothes and love. They have been a shoulder to cry on. Someone you could rely on, whether you needed advice, or needed to borrow money. Every kid wishes they can give back to their parents, and if you have the means, you absolutely should. Give your parents' abode the desired facelift. This can mean doing necessary repairs around their house or completely updating all the rooms of the house. Since they will be spending more time in their home than ever before, they can now do so with more comfort and style. This will not only surprise them, but it will be a gift that keeps on giving.

Despite being engaged in villa renovations in Auckland, Sarah Williams dedicates a major part of her life to old age homes. She loves to serve elderly people and rave about how to take care of them.

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2 Responses

  1. I appreciate the sentiment and thoughts in this post. I am 58 and mother to two adult children. I am more active now than I was at 20, and just starting another new business. Many of our friends at the same age are even more active than we are.

    What I want most with my kids is contact. That contact can be in the form of physically being together (we live in different states), or phone calls, or text. No gift is greater to me than time together.

  2. No one should be surprised with the “gift” of a pet. Having a pet is a commitment of time and money. Bringing a pet into the family is a decision that should be carefully considered. Routine checkups, food, teeth cleaning, shots, grooming, boarding/pet sitting can add up to more than many people are willing or able to pay. Exercising and cleaning up after a pet may be chores that your parents don’t want to do on a regular basis. Shelter workers will tell you that they are the ultimate recipients of many of these “gifts”. Please do not encourage people to make the decision to have a pet for anyone else. That is irresponsible.

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