5 Ways To Turn Optimism Into Success


Success is something we all desire. We view ourselves as successful when we reach a certain amount of wealth or happiness. But although many of us have different definitions, we all want the same thing.

It's been proven that successful people are optimistic. It's not always easy to be optimistic, but the video below from Entrepreneur.com offers some great tips on how to carry optimism into success.



1. Express gratitude.

A heart of gratitude doesn't allow room for resentment or pride. When you are grateful for every opportunity you are given, you are more likely to work harder and see results!

2. Be a giver.

Many people think giving means writing a check to a charitable organization. But giving is so much more than that. You can give your time and expertise as well! Remember, you were not always where you are today or where you will be in the future. More than likely, you had people who believed and invested in you. Do that for someone else!

3. Control your breath.

This may sound simple, but it's much harder than you might think. Even during yoga sessions, I have to be incredibly aware of my breath, or else it gets away from me, and the practice becomes difficult and more burdensome. People who can control their breath show a great amount of discipline and control that will overflow into other areas of their lives.

4. Visualize success.

It's easy to dwell on all the “what ifs,” but successful people dwell on their success before it's even arrived. Picture yourself in the place you want to end up and then plan the route to get you there.

5. Meditate

We use this tip often because it's important. Meditation is the only intentional time we have to gather, sort through, and plan our thoughts. Fill your time of meditation with positivity and watch the practice impact your success.

What tips have you learned from successful people? Tell us in the comments.

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