This is a guided visualisation for goal achievement, designed to be short and sharp so you can easily fit it into your morning routine before setting about your day. You will focus all of your awareness, energy and intent on your desired outcome, on seeing your goal achieved and feeling the good feeling of it. We harness the power of your consciousness in support of your success.

Always remember…

Where your awareness goes energy flows. And, where energy flows something grows.


Bernadette Logue (known to everyone as “B”) is the Leader of The Daily Positive, a Transformation Life Coach and the author of 3 personal growth books – guiding you on how to master your mind, to live consciously and soul-aligned. To receive regular coaching resources and support, join B in EvolveHQ, The Daily Positive’s private personal growth membership and community. To find out more about B click here.

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2 thoughts on “6 Minute Daily Visualisation for Goal Achievement

  1. Lisa Lee says:

    This is so very powerful! It is amazing how doing this each day is bring me positive results! Thank you so much!!

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