6 Ingenious Steps For Getting People To Do What You Want

It's my goal to provide my readers with the best content I can find. To make you smarter, more successful, and downright powerful. This article is a home run moment.

As adults, professionals, and leaders it's our job to become the best we can at understanding the human mind. By knowing how the people around us make decisions so we can influence others toward our desired outcome. This is not manipulation, this is intelligent communication.

Persuasion is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.

The video below explains how to effectively persuade customers, colleagues, friends or even children to do what you want them to do. It's 11 minutes and worth every second.

Here are the steps for your reference. Write them down.

  1. Reciprocity
  2. Scarcity
  3. Authority
  4. Consistency
  5. Liking
  6. Consensus

What did you learn? Are you already using any of these steps? Let me know in the comments below.

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18 Responses

  1. Interesting, but very true. Thank you Dale, these are helpful ideas to think about when it comes to sales, and how we influence our client to buy our product or service. My brain is working overtime now!

  2. This just opened my eyes! It does all make complete sense, as I myself would be persuaded by these same actions. Now to test.

  3. Very we’ll done Dale,another reminder for me how important to use three way calls for giving or getting credibility.also
    remind myself to look for relationships first sales second ! Thanks,Mike

  4. Good video mate. That is a fantastic book. Reciprocity is such a key one in all things in life, especially for healthy relationships. One sided relationships are never fun : /

  5. I’m alway skeptical when it comes to formulas for success. Personally I’d like to see a bibliography for the data because a lot of their examples come off very anecdotal. Not particular wrong just anecdotal. Some of these phrases sound like a game of semantics. For example the illustration used to describe consistency felt weak to me. And the first point of “Reciprocity” was most surely incorrect. If “Reciprocity” was true then you’d have an equal number of Twitter followers on your account. Not trying to rain entirely on the message just that some of the science flair I wanted to see was absent(and yes I also checked out the YouTube page where the video originated).

  6. Kind of scary to think that our minds are so easily manipulated, such as with the towels. What else can we be convinced to do just because everyone else is doing it? Perhaps we should learn to think on our own and do things because it is the kind, caring, thing to do whether it relates to people or our environment!

  7. Hi Dale
    Thanks for this article. As an avid reader, I must say this really caught my eye as I wanted to see what the content was. And this article is spot on. I worked in direct sales and marketing for 10months, knocking doors and speaking to people to buy services and products off me. What I learnt is that people did not buy the products for what they were, but because I was able to get them to trust me, like me and effectively convince them why they would be better off with the product, I was called ‘the beast’ in the office because my sales rates and closing rations were outstanding but it is because I learnt these simple principles in the article…I don’t think I am a great sales person, I just understand the art of getting people to do what they would like to do, but don’t just know it yet.

  8. I use these all the time, I have a four year old daughter, you need every persuasion method for kids I swear lol. Also, I don’t drive and thes no public transit where I live so I’m constantly asking people to drive me around there a certain method to my persuasion for that as well, like babysitting for my sister (#1 method) or even hanging around and complimenting my aunt (#5 method). I’m very persuasive.

  9. This kind of information is the type that makes me question every seemingly generous gesture that comes my way. A compliment, a favor or any advice could not be genuine if it is for the purpose of getting others to do what you want. Hopefully, these methods work for the good things, (i.e. gospel, education, overall wellness) rather than pulling people into erroneous, and potentially harmful situations (i.e. drugs, pyramid schemes, illegal ways of earning money).

    -Coming from a recent college graduate, who is realizing she should have spent 3 years learning how to sell rather than sitting in a classroom.

  10. Hi Dale. Loved this and will post it to fellow students on my Leadership Management MA course. The implications reach to marketing and business persuasion; with the overarching ethical standpoint it’s right up my street. I see a paper in there too.

    Xiomára UK

  11. One time my uncle asked for a few more mints and the waiter came back with a whole to-go box filled with mints. That surely raised his tip!

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