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Tomorrow is the day.

The day you've pushed off for awhile, but it's here and it's happening without a doubt.

You're finally going to get back in shape.

But, tomorrow is going to come and you're not going to do a thing. It happens, and it's not just a problem you have. We all constantly make plans for the future and this isn't a bad thing to do. The problem is we rarely take steps to succeed, because we don't know what steps to take.

The main plan for the future is to live healthy. Sometimes that means losing weight, or getting more sleep. But, these goals always seem to get put off till tomorrow.

What I've found in losing 70 pounds, is that by building simple routines and adding helpful tools, I can make my goals attainable now. The best part is my routines require little effort.

The following are tools you can use now, to stop putting off your goals till tomorrow.

1. Fitbit HR

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That thing on your wrist is a constant reminder. You're going to need that. Apart from all the helpful health-related tricks and info it can give you, it will also keep you aware every time you see it or feel it on your arm.

The Fitbit HR can track workouts, heart rates, calories burned and monitor your sleep. As someone who is painstakingly analytical it's nice to be able to sync all the data to my computer or smart phone as well.

The Fitbit HR also allows you to see incoming calls, and time as well, if you're into that sort of thing.

2. Foam Roller

Foam Rolling isn't something most people have done. In fact, the first time I tried it, it felt like some kind of torture device. But now, I can't live with out one.

Foam rolling is hard to explain without getting all science-y on you, but the short explanation is that the pressure can help relieve lactic acid build up. Lactic acid is the reason your muscles get sore, for those that don't know.

But to understand how to best use it, I have the help of our good friend BJ Ward of Ward Fitness Systems to explain.

I personally love to foam roll before bed. Ever since I started rolling 30 minutes before bed, I've been sleeping like a rock. Even if the only reason you bought the roller was for sleep it would still be more than worth it.

I also use a lacrosse ball to help hit more specific pressure points as well as rolling it on the bottoms of my feet, but it's probably not critical for everyone.

3. Brita Water Filter

While a water filter might seem gimmicky when looking at products to improve your health, it's actually a pretty important piece of the puzzle. Even if you live in a developed part of the world with a great water treatment facility, your water could still be creating long term health issues for you.

No matter how great your local water source is, they still can't ensure pipes in your home are clean, or that chemical sediment is removed from that glass of water in your hand.

Filters are cheaper than bottled water and make it much easier to get your needed 8-10 cups of water a day in, than chemical-ridden faucet water.

In some cases, even the nicest of neighborhoods can have problems with drinking water. You'd be surprised by the number of cases where a certain kind of cancer develops in the residents of people who share the same source for water.

4. Yerba Mate Tea

via Huffington Post
via Huffington Post

Yerba mate is a traditional drink made from the dried leaves of an evergreen holly, Ilex paraguariensis, a native plant of South America.

Look I love coffee. So, this isn't about to turn into a coffee vs. tea situation. I think you can enjoy the benefits of both. But one has unarguably more benefits than the other. Tea provides way more nutrients than coffee.

On top of that, the energy spikes are steady and last longer. I found my happy place in productivity, by enjoying a pour-over glass coffeemaker, like my Chemex, in the morning.  Around 2pm, when I get that after lunch sleepiness, I use tea to keep me going the rest of the day.

5. Blue Light Lamp

We hear a lot about technology making us less healthy, and in some cases that's true. But not in this case! Blue light therapy is a form of Phototherapy. It can help your mood, your sleep, and your skin.

Around the fall, and through the winter I find myself getting a little gloomy. The lack of sunlight can shift your mood in a depressing way. I've found that with just 15 mins of using my blue light I can keep myself “up.” I simply keep the blue light about 3 feet away while I'm typing away at my computer and once the 15 minutes is up I shut it off. Just use it during the middle of the day for a few days and you should see a difference.

6. Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs

via All Her Things

I know super simple right? But you would be amazed how these two simple things can help you sleep deeper. Light of any kind entering your eyes (even your closed eyes can receive light) can derail a good nights sleep. And if you're a light sleeper like me, you'll need some solid earplugs too.

A great sleep mask can block out any light entering from outside your window and is much cheaper than black curtains. For ear plugs I usually go with Hearos. I find they don't fall out of my ear during sleep that often.

I don't care what people say, sleeping when you're dead, is the fastest mindset to….well….feeling dead. There maybe a few examples of people who sleep 4 or 5 hours a day and perform well, but that isn't you. It won't work. You may be able to sleep at various times through out the day, but odds are it will not all combine to around 8 hours.

Sleep repairs your muscle, helps relieve stress and helps you lose weight.

I also highly recommend the Chili Pad. It's a bit pricy, but for me, sleep is vital to my success. I'm a little more willing to invest some money into everything that will help me sleep better. If you don't want to drop the money, try taking a cold, and I mean COLD, shower or bath about an hour before bed. Cold temperatures are ideal for sleep and body restoration.

If you start using these items in your day to day life, along with a healthy diet and exercise. I can pretty much promise you you'll start seeing immediate results and set yourself for a longer healthier life.

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