6 Ways To Achieve Work-Life Balance For Mothers

It’s not easy looking after your family and household while you are also juggling a full-time job. The Center for American Progress revealed that women constitute half of the workforce now in the United States.

Working moms represent a ratio of 4 in every 10 homes, which support the claim that more and more women are working while taking care of their family. If you’re one of the working moms, you may be feeling guilty and stressed about your responsibilities at home and your job.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can achieve a balance between your work and home life to help you manage your career and family without the guilt.

1. Look for a quality childcare.

Working moms could ask for references from their family and friends of known daycare centers, babysitters, and nannies. Make sure that you have a list of criteria to help you assess the childcare provider or nanny during the interview.

Look for nannies who meet certain criteria, such as a history of taking care of children and staying at the same job longterm.  It should also be a priority that you allow a paid playdate where you can evaluate how the nanny/babysitter interacts with your child. When it comes to childcare providers, look for establishments that have good records and recommendations to show how well they are doing in the industry.

2. Set aside the guilt.

Instead of feeling guilty and upset that you’re not the one taking care of your child, just think about how your job is helping your family. Because of work, you can save money for college or perhaps save some money for recreation when your time allows. An efficient working mom is able to set priorities and excel in both worlds.

3. Get ready in advance.

Avoid cramming the next day by getting prepared the night before. Plan ahead, including the kids’ lunches and snacks, clothes, and breakfast the following day. Prepare the bags, including yours and put them near the door so you’ll just pick it up when you’re ready to leave.

4. Make a family calendar.

To be organized and prepared all the time, you should have a family calendar where you set all the important activities and dates for the family. This should include the date of bill payments, school activities, birthdays, household chores and more. Having a calendar eliminates the guesswork and saves time, money and energy. It also helps maximize your time with the family. 

5. Set boundaries when it comes to time wasters and distractions.

When you’re at home, focus on your loved ones instead of browsing the net or checking your emails while everyone is asleep. As much as possible, avoid talking to your friends over the phone or watching TV when spending time with your husband. On the other hand, when you’re at work, refrain from distractions like gossiping, chatting on social media, or updating your Instagram. Make use of your time to be productive.

6. Spend time with your loved ones.

Don’t set aside your kids and your partner just because you’re busy at work during the weekdays. Set time to bond with them, even on weekdays. You don’t have to go out to enjoy time together. A simple breakfast or dinner together is a great time for the family. When time allows, go on family outings such as vacations or tours to various places.

Tell us in the comments how YOU balance work and home life?

Miranda Anderson loves spending time with her husband and two kids. Although she’s busy with her job as a writer, motivational speaker, blogger, and entrepreneur, she makes it a point to balance her time between her loved ones and her work.  She mainly writes topics about abusive behavior, behavioral problems, addiction, and prescription pill abuse.

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2 Responses

  1. Reading this article has made me realize that being a mom and working mom can work.when me and my husband had our son my plan was to go back to work.my mother in law had mentioned staying home with our son.And I was young so I listened and let me tell you its been awesome spending g time with my son we have so much fun but along the way I feel like I lost a lil bit of myself I no longer work I see my husband excelling in his career and I can’t help but be sad that I haven’t.I barely see my friends anymore ,clearly I need a little bit of an adult life but I feel so guilty bringing my son to daycare hes almost 3 I feel like its the perfect age I just haven’t took the steps because everyone gringes at the thought of me putting him in daycare.

  2. Guilty and upset about myself is exactly feeling when I need to balance my work time, taking care of my child, doing household, and spending enough time for myself. Money isn’t all of our life, is it? The tip #4, #6 is so helpful. Thanks for sharing!

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