7 Apps To Boost Productivity

Technology has changed our world for the better. However, with its addition, we have more and more expectations placed upon us in work and in our personal lives. Multitasking with ease has doubled and sometimes tripled our to-do list. So what are we supposed to do to keep up? Utilize technology of course!


Here are 7 apps to boost your productivity:

1. Dispatch

When I wake up, the first thing I do is open my email. It's probably not the best way to start my day, as I am left feeling overwhelmed and already behind. The Dispatch app is perfect for taking over this burden. It manages your inbox making it easy to delete, assign, defer, and respond. You can even store frequent responses so you can use them over and over instead of taking up your valuable time to write out your usual response. And how many times do you read an email telling yourself to respond later and then it totally slips your mind? Set a reminder to respond for later that day! Dispatch has you covered with all things related to email.


2. Any.do

Any.do keeps all your notes in one place. It's the winner of Apple's Intuitive Touch Award! The app allows you to plan a productive day from the start. It has a calendar and checklist. Your tasks pop-up and you assign them for that day. The app syncs across all your devices for easy access wherever you are!

The app includes the following features taken from the any.do website:

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.21.12 PM

3. Evernote

I heard people rave about this app for quite some time, so I was excited to check it out, and it's everything they said it would be! This app is ideal for project planning. It's a “catch-all” for all your project details. Snap a picture, make a sketch, write down details, and share with project team members–versatility efficiency at its finest.


4. Zamurai

I remember growing up and making the transition from a chalkboard to a whiteboard in all the classrooms at school. It was a huge reward when we were able to choose our color of marker and write the spelling words on the board for the teacher! Well, thanks to technology, we now have a whiteboard at our fingertips! Zamurai is a mobile whiteboard. It's a blank canvas for new ideas. Keep it for personal use, or use when you are in an online meeting and want to create a visual for participants.


5. Abukai 

If you run your own business, you either spend a lot of your time sorting through receipts and logging them into your expense reports, or you don't keep track of your business spending until right before tax season, and you become frustrated with your disorganization. Abukai Expenses does the work for you! It keeps track of expenses by taking a photo of your receipts and designating it to the proper category. You can submit info quickly wherever you are.


6. Carrot

This app will keep you productive whether you want to be or not! It rewards you when you are getting things done and calls you out when you're not! Just select the category app, let it know your goals and expect to be held accountable. The app categories are listed below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.43.11 PM

7. Trello

Trello is my personal favorite right now! It's where I toss all my ideas and resources for my business. Since I am a writer, my ideas are usually for posts. I have a tab open on my computer as well as the app for my phone. When I see an idea or a resource that I want to read later, I toss it into Trello under a few categories I have set, and I can come back to it later. I can even add photos and notes to the idea. If that weren't enough, I can also create several boards for each one of my businesses and give contributors access to certain boards to share ideas. Keeping everything in one place increases my productivity throughout the week. I love my one-stop shop!


What apps have you found keeps you the most productive? Share in the comments!

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