Hotels used to be one of the only options for the traveler, but it will never replace the authentic experience of sharing someone's home. Welcoming travelers is a great way to share positivity. Airbnb latched onto the idea of belonging and created a trusted community of hosts to increase traveling and encourage connection around the world! Maybe your home is open to a wide variety of guests, or maybe you are welcoming friends and family. Either way, creating a positive atmosphere will guarantee an enjoyable experience for all involved.


Here are 7 essentials to provide your guests with a positive travel experience:

1. A personalized warm welcome.

After a long day or two of travels, a warm welcome is exactly what your guest will need. Take some extra time to personalize the welcome by providing your guest's favorite flowers and snacks. The effort will be well received and get you started on the right foot!


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2. Comfortable bedding

Old, stiff sheets are a traveler's nightmare. Give your guest your best and provide her with a sanctuary of comfort when she goes to sleep that night. Help her feel warm and cozy so she can sleep before a day of sightseeing and a night on the town!


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3. Wi-Fi Information

There are so many creative ways to share your Wi-Fi password with a guest. I have spent too many nights stuck in a room without internet access because the host didn't share, and I was unable to ask before it was time for lights out. Keep it simple and give yourself one less thing to remember by displaying the Wi-Fi information for your guest to see as soon as he gets settled.


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4. Hangers and drawer space.

Depending on the type of travel, your guest may need to hang up his suit or she may need to protect her valuables! To truly feel at home, your guest will not want to live out of a suitcase. Offer him hangers and her drawer space to store clothing and other travel items. Digging things out of a suitcase can get old and feel unsettling. This is an extra step to make her feel welcome in your home.


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5. Refreshments

A guest should never feel hungry. Provide a wide-range of snacks but more importantly…coffee! Always coffee. A special area for your guest to find nourishment and caffeine is an added bonus! It will also provide refreshments during your late nights catching up with one another.

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6. Toiletry Supplies

With all the airport rules and regulations, flying with toiletries has become a hassle. Save your guest time and provide the essentials. A creative display of the necessities is a lovely welcome. Provide some of the best products for some extra pampering. After all, that's what vacations are all about! Am I right?


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7. Entertainment

Create an eye-catching entertainment station that honors the interests of your guest. Does he love to paint? Have a canvas and a colorful pallet of paints ready to go! Does she enjoy gossip magazines or other reading materials? All set! Head to the library and check out a few quick reads from his/her favorite genre in case there is some downtime. Traveling itself provides entertainment, but it never hurts to go the extra

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What extra special touch has a host made to make your travels a positive experience?

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