Learning how to eat smart doesn’t only influence the way you look at life, but your health as well.

If you’ve ever wondered what types of healthy food you’ve missed so far in your long journey toward a better way of living, here are a couple of semi-obscure types of food that work wonders on your health.


1. Chia seeds

You might not be aware of this, but chia seeds have been awarded the title of the healthiest food found on our planet. This plant is from the same family as mint, and it can be easily recognized by its dark, coffee-like tint.

Chia seeds are a must-have if you’ve decided to start a weight-loss diet because you will feel full much faster. This occurs because chia seeds, unlike other sunflower seeds or flax seeds, tend to absorb water much faster.

Moreover, there is substantial evidence that chia seeds can, in fact, maintain the health of our blood pump. They also help the body better manage the level of blood sugar, thus reducing the risk of type 1 diabetes.

The numerous health benefits of chia seeds are a clear sign that they should not miss from our kitchen.


2. Sea Buckthorn

Hippophae rhamnoides, commonly known as the Sea Buckthorn, can indeed be considered a wonder-plant. In the past, the sea buckthorn could only be found in the remote areas of Russia and China at altitudes between 4,000 and 14,700 feet.

The Sea Buckthorn is packed with folic acids, vitamin C, vitamin E, and Flavonoids, such as glycosides and isorhamnetin. This type of food is considered a health boost because it has quite a lot of medicinal applications.

Like chia seeds, the sea buckthorn can help prevent heart disease, and it is a decent anti-inflammatory agent. Moreover, recent studies have shown that an extract of sea buckthorn has the potential of protecting the bone marrow of cancer patients who underwent radiation therapy.

Also, sea buckthorn acts like natural anti-acid, being highly recommended for patients suffering from ulcers.


3. Amaranth

Amaranth is closely related to quinoa. As a fun fact, this plant, which is actually a cereal, was first cultivated 8,000 years ago by the Aztecs. Although the plant was cultivated by the Aztecs, its actual name is derived from the Greek Amarantos, which means undying or unfading flower.

Why is amaranth consider a healthy type of food? Like quinoa, Amaranth is gluten free, and the oils it contains lowers the level of cholesterol.

Moreover, Amaranth is a good source of fibers and protein, being widely used in weight-loss diets. Add in the fact that Amaranth seeds can also reduce blood pressure and you have the profile of a wonder-plant.


4. Black Garlic

Garlic is known for its thaumaturgical properties. However, its distant relative, the black garlic, was something of a mystery until five years ago. The odd-looking plant was introduced on the market by the Koreans, and ever since then it has become very popular among chefs and amateur gourmets.

Black garlic lowers the cholesterol level, and many studies have shown that S-allyl cysteine, one of the plant’s compounds, has a potent anti-cancer effect. It is so powerful that lab studies have demonstrated that this compound can destroy 14 types of cells associated with cancer.

If you were wondering how you can eat, you could check out some ideas for classy and mouth-watering recipes.


5. Maca Powder

Maca powder is obtained from the Maca root, a plant related to the radish. Almost exclusively cultivated in Peru, Maca powder has been hailed for its beneficial effects. This root is also called Peruvian ginseng because it has similar healing properties.

What is Maca powder good for? First of all, it’s rich in vitamins. Apart from Vitamins C and E, the root is a rich source of amino acids, phosphorus, and magnesium.

The root is considered to be a potent aphrodisiac, and it also increases the fertility rate in both females and males. Many studies centered on this wonder-plant have proven that the powder obtained from the Maca root is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent reducing the symptoms associated with menstruation.

Maca powder is also useful for treating skin conditions like acne and it is an excellent source of energy.

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6. Purslane

Also known as the cat’s tongue, this plant is nothing less than any glorified weed. Indeed, this is the kind of green stuff you find in your garden among your flowers and veggies. Most of the time, gardeners will root out this plant, this being the main reason why people don’t know about how healthy purslane is.

The biggest advantage in consuming cat’s tongue is that you’ll receive a shock dose of omega-3. Purslane also contains Vitamins C, A and B, potassium, copper, calcium, and iron.

Because it contains a high dose of omega-3, purslane does wonders for the heart, by reducing blood pressure. The plant also helps children suffering from ADHD and autism, and it is also recommended to those suffering from gastrointestinal issues like ulcers and intestinal bleeding.


Source: @AranFinkle via Flickr

7. Japanese Raisin Tree

Hovenia Dulcis or the Japanese Raisin Tree is found is mainly cultivated in Eastern China and Korea. Growing at altitudes over 6,500 feet, this plant is also used as an ornamental tree by some countries.

The fruits made by the Japanese Raising tree have been, for some time, used by Eastern Medicine to treat parasitic infections and fever. Furthermore, these fruits are also good laxatives and can even cure severe hangovers.

So, if you want to switch to a healthier diet, keep these foods in mind for diversity. What unique health foods do you eat on a regular basis? Let us know in the comments.

Author Bio: Mike Jones is a vegan and environmental activist, currently a freelance writer, passionate about motivational and self-help related articles. He enjoys promoting a balanced and healthy nutrition and encouraging people to lead an eco-conscious lifestyle.

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