7 Gift Ideas That Give Back

The holidays are full of gift giving. But it can be overwhelming navigating the stores this time of year or finding the right gift to give the hard-to-buy-for mother-in-law.

When I finally get a break from the daily grind to shop for Christmas gifts, I see so many options I love. But guilty feelings plague me while I spend on items that may do nothing but sit in storage. Do I think we should feel guilty about giving gifts? No. But I also think we can be intentional about buying gifts that make a difference so that if the candle I buy is never lit, the coffee mug is left to gather dust, or the pajamas and slippers are simply too small, at least someone in the world is benefiting from the purchase!


So, we wanted to make your search for the perfect gift a little easier and provide you with seven ideas that not only make great gifts but also gives back!

1. Better Life Bags

Impact: Better Life Bags is known for creating a “custom [bag] for a cause.” The video above tells a detailed version of how your purchase can impact many lives. This purposeful purchase gives women who face employment barriers a better life and the ability to provide for their families.

2. Sackcloth & Ashes

Impact: Sackcloth & Ashes creates beautiful and soft blankets for the home or outdoors. In an effort to give back to the world, the founder called local homeless shelters to find out what they needed and he found out the biggest need was blankets. So, for every blanket purchased from this company, a blanket is given to your local homeless shelter. And if there was ever a time this was more important, it's during these cold, winter months!

3. The Sparrow Co.

Impact: The Sparrow Co. is a new company that exists to create socially responsible, ethically minded online apparel and encourage others to have an impact on their local community and neighbors. Each item sold gives $10 toward featured charities and local community workshops. Help others to move their lives forward by purchasing one of their tees!

4. That's Caring



5. Bull + Moose

Impact: Bull+Moose is committed to social responsibility. The company is run by veteran's and provides them jobs while giving you luxury quality handmade neckwear without the mark-ups of retail.

6. I Heart Dogs

Impact: Need a gift for the dog lover? I Heart Dogs has a wide range of the perfect gifts whether you are looking for apparel, accessories, or home goods; they have you covered! They even provide breed specific items. You are guaranteed to find something for the dog lover, and through your purchase, you will be feeding shelter dogs. Under each item in the shop it says how many dogs you are feeding. Talk about making a difference!

7. Just Love Coffee

Impact: This company provides the finest coffees (seriously, so good!) with their commitment to social justice. Anyone can open a free account with Just Love Coffee to raise money for a good cause. The company handles everything; you just have to share and caffeinate your friends.

We hope that you'll choose one or more of these gifts to add to your shopping list. What's better than a gift that not only puts a smile on the recipient's face, but also gives back to the world?

Have suggestions for “giving back” gift ideas? Share with us in the comments so we can grow this list!

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