7 Hacks For A Productive Morning

I have spent countless hours trying to become a morning person but have determined it's just not in the cards for me.

However, I have also realized that many night owls don't want to waste hours of potential productivity! So what can we do to better utilize the morning hours?


We all aim to start our days bright and early because morning people are said to be the most successful. So to all you night owls out there who struggle, this one is for you!

Here are seven hacks for a productive morning:

1. Start your day with something you look forward to.

For me, I have tried starting my day with exercise, but I don't enjoy it! I hit snooze on my alarm right away, not to ignore the morning but to ignore exercise! However, if I lay out my teacup and Chai Tea mix, I want to jump out of bed to take a sip of my favorite drink. Exercise still happens, but it is scheduled for later in the day. Think of what will make you jump out of bed, and make that the first thing you do when you wake up!

2. Create a morning playlist.

Music sets the tone for the day. What type of music increases your productivity? Compile a playlist on Pandora or Spotify, and make it easy to press play in the morning. Have the playlist running in the background to keep you motivated and energized.

3. Choose a healthy/practical breakfast.

Let's be honest, night owls do not have the brain power in the mornings to put together a three-course breakfast. Is it ideal to make your first meal of the day your best? Yes! But let's combine health with practicality. For me, it's a granola bar and a glass of fresh juice (after my Chai of course). What is it for you?

4. Affirm yourself.

I am a words-of-affirmation fanatic. I eat 'em up! I also let words tear me down and can sit paralyzed all morning if the words I'm telling myself are negative. Speak kindly to yourself! Voice what you can accomplish. Remind yourself of your strengths, and don't let the negative words dictate the rest of your day. Choose 2-3 motivating phrases or quotes and speak them into your routine. Words are powerful and should be used wisely.

5. Visit an app or website that motivates you.

We have motivation at our fingertips with smartphones and the internet! Sometimes social media is draining and full of negativity. Choose a few places online that can support you as you're trying to move in a positive direction to start your day (hint: The Daily Positive is a great place to check back in for a dose of daily positivity! *wink*)

6. Accomplish your most important task first.

Whether we are morning people or not, accomplishing the most important thing first is sometimes the boost we need to continue in productivity. When the important item on your checklist keeps staring back at you, it can feel draining. The number of checks on your list is sometimes motivated by accomplishing your hardest/most important task first. You'll be glad you did.

7. Time yourself.

If you're not a morning person, hearing 5:30 or 6 a.m. can be terrifying. But maybe you don't need that much time to start your morning productively! Add together the items on your list, and estimate the amount of time you need to accomplish each one. Then, get up that much earlier and not a minute more.

What's your morning routine? Let us know in the comments below.

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