7 Things All Women Do, But NEVER Talk About

I think a highlight of life is seeing what we naturally have in common.

Things we all do but never talk about.

I've been with my wife over five years now and I have to admit…

I've seen all of these.

What weird thing do you do that you never talk about?

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28 Responses

    1. Agreed….never understood why women feel like they have to make that stupid face while applying mascara.

    2. Agreed….never understood why women feel like they have to make that stupid face while applying mascara.

  1. What’s wrong with me…I only do one of these. And the thing I do I don’t hide it, I talk about it & laugh!

    1. You too? Me too! Glad we don’t do these things and are able to talk about it! LOL The once upon a time (HS) when I would occasionally wear make up I did Mascara face, but that is the closest I came to this list. Thanks for speaking up to make me feel less weird!

  2. What’s so weird about making-up and staying in? Make-up makes me feel more beautiful and confident. I like to feel that way whether I’m outside or stay in. I feel making-up is something I do for myself, not for others. Should it be otherwise?

  3. To all those that posted before the 1 person I replied to, nothing against you, they just showed up in reverse order. I guess I should have read through before picking one to post on… but I seriously thought it was going to be the only one ‘like me’ since the whole topic was these are things we ALL do. Seems like we are ALL the exception to that rule. But I do know many people that do all of these things. But they talk about them…. I know they do because when I call them out on it, we talk and then laugh about them.

  4. You are very observant of women. I do a lot of these and this made me laugh. I am mascara face, hiding things in my top, I always look around in a restroom to make sure the coast is clear, I always hide a tampon on me when I go use the restroom and so much more. However when I clear a wedgie I do not rock around on my bottom, (although I am sure some women do) I look around make sure the coast is clear and pull that sucker out!

  5. I used my bag so I didn’t have to interact with someone and of course the side pose

  6. I do most of these. There are deffinetly ones about farting as well, like walking into a different room to check something out lol

  7. Haha! I do the “side-bag” thing to avoid people all the time! especially if they’re from high school!

  8. LOL I am guilty of all of them. And I also go shopping; buy things; then send them to my mom along with the cost of postage for her to send them back to me as if she bought them for me and decided to send them when there was enough accumulated to send.

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