7 Tools Every Blogger Must Use

My blog is the backbone to my success. It's where people go verify my credibility. It's the place where many incredible business opportunities are born. And it's a place for me to grow my following and live a profitable life of freedom and purpose.

In the past year, I've had hundreds of people ask me, “What tools do you use?”. And after spending countless hours researching and utilizing the best blogging tools on the market, I am going to share them with you.

7 Tools Every Blogger Must Use

1. Bluehost: $3.95-5.95/month pending on your plan
This is step #1 for anyone looking to start a blog. Bluehost is fast, easy, and has no techy stuff. Not only is Bluehost one of the most reliable hosting companies in the world, they have the most affordable prices too. You can have your blog up in 5 minutes! You can signup here for Bluehost.

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Blue Host

2. Aweber:
If you're looking to capture emails and send a regular newsletter (which I suggest you do) you're going to need a reliable email marketing software. While there are many good options in the market, Aweber is one of the few that offers phone support 12 hours per day. And if you're a beginner… this will be very, very helpful.


3. Chartbeat:
This is one of my favorite tools. I use it every single day. Chartbeat offers live analytics of your blog's traffic. It will tell you exactly how many people are on your site at any given moment, what they're reading and where they came from. This will help you understand your traffic sources and what times of the day are best to post content. Also, they have a wonderful mobile app which makes monitoring your blog, even easier.


4. Shopify:
I believe every blogger should have a store. Whether you're selling an e-book or t-shirts or even stickers (like me), a store is an excellent way to make some extra income. And Shopify is the best option on the market. Period. It's incredibly easy to use, you can accept credit cards on the spot, and they have hundreds of plug-n-play templates to make your store look professional. Bonus: They have an award-winning mobile app that makes it possible to operate your store, straight from your phone.


5. OptinMonster:
This is one of my secret weapons. Remember, it's not how many people who visit your blog that matters, it's how many that will come back tomorrow. That won't happen unless you capture their email address. OptinMonster is the best popup & lead generation plugin out there. It's what has allowed me to build a 60,000+ email subscriber list in less than a year. It's easy to install on your WordPress blog, the design is beautiful, and they have the most innovative tactics for capture I've seen. They work with every major email software including Aweber, Mailchimp, and Constant Contact.


6. Freshbooks:
Once your blogging business is operating you'll need to track any income for your taxes. Freshbooks offers the simplest accounting/invoicing/expense tracking on the market guaranteed.


7. CoSchedule:
Wish you could schedule your social media straight from your blog post? Wish you could manage guest bloggers? Wish you could manage your posts and the marketing in an easy-to-see drag and drop calendar? Then this is your tool. CoSchedule brings social media publishing into the content creation process and gives editors the dashboard they deserve. I've used it for a few months now and it has made my posting process far easier and more efficient. 


What killer tools do you use as a blogger? Let me know in the comments below.

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48 Responses

  1. Hey Dale,

    I use Hootsuite for my scheduling, as I have to post for work, thus means I have one stop of my blog and work, which makes my life easier. Its got a great yearly rate as well, and LOTS of free training available.

    I am also a newbie to the email capture/newsletter concept, so would need more info as to pros of Aweber over Mailchimp.

    Thands for sharing your experience and wisdom with us all!

  2. Cool. thanks Dale! Love coming to your blog-its like hanging out a really cool and close friend’s house. If your had a fridge I would open it with out asking. 😉

  3. I’m relaunching my website – these tools look great! You mentioned that every blogger should have a store – maybe a post about building a store while building your audience would be helpful.

  4. I have not found Blue Host to be very reliable… we are having, once again, server issues and have been unable to access our websites for several days now. The help desk was not exactly helpful and kept telling us “I can see your site” when we, nor any of friends, can. We were waiting for the right time to move to a cloud supported system and now might be it.

  5. I loved BlueHost—until it was bought out by EIG some time ago. Just like every other hosting company that EIG bought out, they ruined BlueHost. Reliability down the tubes. If you get decent traffic, you will have LOTS of downtime. Do not recommend. (Check wiki for all the OTHER inexpensive hosts EIG tanked.)

  6. Well I’ve ben blogging and checking manu apps ans I don’t get why you only talk about apps which are not free. Many apps you present free have a free version (Google analytics for statistics, mailchimp for collecting, writing ans sending email under 2000 subscribers…). When you’re a beginner you also like tout discovery free apps which are great 🙂

  7. This is a amazing list! I love that you included the prices! Especially CoSchedule looks like an amazing tool! When I have more budget I will definitely look into that!

  8. Fantastic list! Thanks for posting. I’ve heard that GetResponse is a great alternative for Aweber? Do you know anything about it?

  9. Thanks for the great advice. I had never heard of several of these tools before reading your post. Will definitely be looking into some of these, especially Shopify. I’ve been thinking of starting my own store.

  10. The tool I absolutely agree with is having an Auto-Responder like you mention. If nothing else its the one tool a lot of people don’t utilize. It’s almost irresponsible not to have one. This way you own the traffic you send.

    I love reading this post. Thank you

  11. OptinMonster sounds like the truth. I need an e-mail service I can depend on that’ll not only send mass e-mails without my server going down, but also send personalized e-mails with people’s first names. So that in my mind is surely worth taking a 2nd look @.

    Thanks for mentioning that! 🙂

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