The 4 Types Of People Who Never Succeed In Business

There are unlimited types of characters in our professional lives.

There's the guy who hates his job and complains to everyone about it, but never does anything to change it. The lady who always wants to start a new business with you but her ideas really aren't that good. Or the young man who flaunts his entrepreneurial flag because he launched a company, but he's really just an employee at his own business.

Everyone plays a role in the professional arena. We're called dreamers, workers, supporters, executives, starters, and entrepreneurs. But the one role we don't discuss often is the failures. The ones who cheat, steal, hide, and break the rules all while expecting they can escape with true success.

Instead of preaching the “what a successful business person looks like” article, I thought I would show you the dark-side instead. The following is a list of personalities who stand out for all the wrong reasons. But be warned: If you don’t know who this person is, it could be you.

The Unfinisher
These people are addicted to starting. They fight hard in the beginning but soon find themselves burned out when the rubber meets the road. They're not necessarily scared as much as they are infected with shiny-object-syndrome. They love excuses and they have five or six unfinished projects going at any given time. But at the core, we all know what the problem is… they lack the discipline and stamina to cross the finish line. An important trait required to succeed in business.

The Selfish Partner
Selfishness might be the deadliest threat to a partnership. These people search for easy going worker-bees who they can walk over, manipulate, and abuse to move their personal agenda forward. There is no win-win. Only one hero. While these people are not horrible in every situation, they are horrible for partnerships.

The Executive Liar
In his pursuit of the corporate ladder, this guy will lie, cheat and steal to get to where he needs to be. For some reason he believes morals and business are separate. When he gets called out, he responds with the classic, “It's just business, not personal”. But we all know, a sleazeball at work is a sleazeball at home. If this guy is your boss, look out he's dangerous. While he won't be there long, you don't want to become part of his wake of destruction. It might be time to consider a career change.

The Fearful Entrepreneur
She's had a dream for years. Her idea is good and we all know she has what it takes to make it work. Or at least give it a solid shot. But she can't. Her desire for security and lack of faith drive her into a corner every time. She can't seem to overcome the unknown and the window of time to chase her dream is closing quickly with every year she ages. She had everything it took to change the world, but fear killed her dream before it had a chance.

What stops you from succeeding business? Or what other personalities fall in this category? Let me know in the comments below.

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98 Responses

  1. I’m a serial Unfinisher. I am finally working on a business that is truly passion and I’m still pushing forward. First time for everything! LOL! Great post!

  2. Fear definitely holds me back. Fear of looking like a dang fool. Of failing. Sigh… It is a constant battle.

  3. Hi Dale,

    I suffer from two the unfinisher and fearful entrepreneur. I like that you offered solutions in the message you delivered… thank you!

  4. I would say I sadly have a combination of fear and lack of confidence. I am an artist, but working very hard to overcome the fear of rejection. Thank for your short and to the point articles.

  5. I am definitely a Fearful Entrepreneur. When I read your description I could feel your words in my stomach because I knew it was true. The fear also makes me an Unfinisher. I start projects and very finish because I’m afraid and lately it has crippled me. It definitely time to make some changes if I ever want to achieve any of my dreams. Thank Dale!

  6. That was kind of depressing, I’m either the 1st or last one I guess. Ironic that it then says ‘More positive posts’. Some ‘How to overcome’ tips would be nice!

  7. somehow we are made to believe that financial success is the only success. But the reality is that many very successful people are failures at “who” they are. They destroy as much as they succeed at times.
    There are people, that like themselves, and their simple aspirations. Not wanting to join the race of who shines more. I can’t tell you how many “successful millionaires” I have done work for, only to be a sounding board to their problems. So it’s sad to hear not so “millionaire” people down themselves for having fears and insecurities , as if to say that successful people are not plagued by the same emotions. Is Ivanka Trump more successful then me? She will never know what success is , because its always been handed to her. She could fail at any moment and dad is there. Yet she won’t hesitate to teach us all what it takes to succeed. Now, of course, financial advice is always welcome for those of us who have trouble with it. But stop trying to make people “feel” like less, or that somehow they are lacking because they don’t have private jets and desperately flaunt what they have for the approval from people they do not know. Because after all the drive for success on too many levels”as Howard Hughes put it” has to do more with insecurity then with self worth. Go ahead preach financial guidance, give pep talks for financial success, share strategies, because frankly, highly successful(“financially”) people cannot be without the not so rich surrounding them. So stop assessing a persons whole being based on your ambitions.

  8. I get discouraged when I see other people or companies doing what I do and is better!
    I would like to be better as well but I do not how sometimes and I think I can’t

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