8 Tips To Make Your Day Sensational

It’s all in the details. Art, romance, design, a good movie, a great meal. The little things that seem to be insignificant end up being the most essential. What appears to be routine today might just the be the thing you miss the most tomorrow.

So pay attention.

And I know you’re busy. You’ve said it before (multiple times). Probably said it a million times myself (eyes rolling, head slightly swaying and after a deep breath), “I’m soooooo busy!”


But in the busyness of telling everyone how busy I am, I miss out on the simpler things. And I bet you do too.

So here are a few little ways to make your day sensational. And they won’t take too much time or effort (which is important because we’re so busy), but the reward will be an extra smile or two, hopefully three.

1. Do a silly dance with the kids.

If you don’t have kids, use your annoying roommate. If you don’t have a roommate, ask your grandma. But please, stop being so mature and start moving those hips! And if you’re like me, then it’s not worth trying to be serious about dancing anyways (I’m the worst latin dancer in history, which is still pretty amazing compared to my lighter skinned friends). Silly is the way to be. Just put on a top 40 pop song and dance your way to a sweat. We do it almost every night with our boys and every time we do it, we’re happy to be alive.

2. Ask a friend out to lunch.

Invite a friend to lunch, and please pay! There is an unspoken rule in my culture that if you invite someone out for a meal, you are telling them, “I got it.” I like that rule. Sounds like Jesus to me. And I know it’s hard to pay the bill every time, but seriously, you gotta try it (I take email invites at [email protected]). Ask your friends out to lunch, ask them questions while you’re eating and then ask the server for the bill. It feels amazing. Being generous will taste better than the meal itself. And if you are concerned about your budget, which is a good concern to have, then only eat half of your portion and take the leftovers home with you. Lunch, dinner, and a new BFF are served!

3. Read a book out loud.

Find a partner and read to him/her. My wife and I have been reading a marriage book together, and it has been the most fun thing we have done together in a while. (Sounds like we need to get out more)! But this world is full of incredible authors — clever minds who love to entertain, challenge, amuse and wisdom-share. And reading to each other feels like we can be part of the creative process with them. If you are into reading, this makes it so much more interesting, because you will take longer to read it but the discussion will be delicious. If you’re not into reading, this might just be the perfect motivator to expand you’re “I’ve-seen-Avatar-20-times-horizons.” 

4. Buy a bottle of expensive wine.

Expensive means something different to everyone. Most weeks I can deal with a cheap Californian Pinot Noir, but every once in a while I splash all the way to $12.99 and get a delicious Chilean Carménère. So if it’s a special occasion, I even dare to go up to $20.00 but only after spending two hours making sure I read all the reviews about my HUGE investment. Then I can talk about that wine like a french connoisseur who is married to Julia Childs while pretending like the glory-juice was really worth $65.00 #winner

5. Stretch for three minutes.

No joke. Try it. While in the shower, remember your gym class back in 1989 and stretch those muscles.

Here’s why:

Reduced muscle tension.

Increased range of movement in the joints.

Increased circulation of the blood to various parts of the body.

Increased energy levels.

6. Find a good joke and text it to your parents.

Humor/Comedy is one of the most powerful connectors. And when’s the last time you connected with your mom and dad? It’s good for you and ( I know this because I’m a dad) it will be so good for them. They probably miss you. So be the hero. Text them a joke and after they reply say, “I love you” or “Thank you for being amazing.” Then hopefully they will send you a joke back, which gives you the opportunity to finish the exchange with a “LOL, PTL :)”

7. Close your eyes and pray.

Talk to the perfect Father. Don’t waste your time explaining to Him why you haven’t prayed recently. He’s just happy to have your attention today. So even if it’s just for ten minutes, talk to God. Let Him know your struggles, your pain, your frustrations and your hopes. We usually call this “complaining,” but in the Bible they called it the Psalms. Those guys knew that God could handle our ups and downs. He’s comfortable with emotions. He’s great with advice, and He’s always in a good mood.

8. Drink Chocolate Milk.

While doing all of the above. It’s always the right time for a big glass of full-fat chocolate milk.

Here’s to your day being sensational. You deserve it!

Seriously my friend. You do.


*Share this with your loved ones (and your enemies too, they probably need it most). #MakeJoyViral

Carlos is a pastor, a provocative preacher and the author of “Designed for Inheritance”. He also serves as director of Catch the Fire Latin America and Chief Editor at Together with his wife Catherine, they have two gorgeous boys and are awaiting a baby girl through adoption.

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