9 Affordable Outdoor Summer Dates

Summer is a busy season, and making time for dates can be difficult. The kids are home, and we feel pulled in several different directions between summer activities and plans with friends. Plus, we don't always have the financial means for dates because we spend more money in the summer trying to get out of the house and make memories.


But much like my urge to get out of the house is on the rise during this season, so is my desire to be with my husband. We do the least amount of dates in the summer because we include the kids in all our fun. As much as I enjoy family time, my husband and I need our alone time too.

Sure, dinner and a movie always have their place during date nights, but this is the season to get outside! So call a sitter and start planning your next outdoor adventure…

Here are 9 Summer Date Ideas:

1. Concerts in the park

Look in your local newspaper or online to see what concerts will be playing near you. Many summer concerts are free (bonus!) Grab a cozy blanket and a few of your favorite beverages and head out for a night of music and memories.

2. Picnic lunch

Early in my marriage, we were given a decked out picnic basket full of plates, utensils, and wine glasses. I love packing the basket with sandwiches, fruit, and some cheese and crackers. We save money on a meal and can pick our view!


3. Drive-in movie

This is always a fun family outing, but ditch the kids and grab your date instead! Make it even more fun by borrowing a friend's truck for the night, toss in pillows and blankets and don't forget to pack snacks.

4. Farmer's market

Farmers markets offer a nice setting for your date. Not only is it entertaining to walk around and see all the yummy local goodies, but you can pick out fruits/veggies and smell freshly cut flowers along the way. Use this time to pick out ingredients for your date night. Make a meal together or use what you find to pack your picnic lunch.

5. Play an outdoor sport

Doing a physical activity makes for a fun date! The summer months are a time to play tennis and go swimming. Take advantage of the great outdoors and give yourself a workout at the same time.

6. Ice cream topping contest

Visit a local ice cream shop or make homemade ice cream! Either way, make sure you have unlimited toppings so you can try a bunch of different combinations. Invent your own combination and have a competition for what tastes the best. You may find your new favorite combo!

7. Berry picking

This is often a seasonal outing, so make sure you do a bit of research in advance, so you get the fresh berries. If it's blueberry season, make a menu of all the things you can make together like muffins, jelly, and pie…lots of pie.

8. Bike ride

Maybe you want to be active, but don't want to feel sweaty and hot like you would after playing tennis or worry about wet hair from swimming. The next best thing is to find trails in your area and go on a great adventure! You may not have a bike, but someone you know does, and there are many opportunities to rent bikes in the city as well. Riding bikes together will give you a faster pace than walking but still lets you see more than you would if you drove.

9. Kayaking/Canoeing

This is another great physical activity option but could take the majority of the day, so plan ahead and make sure you have all the gear you need: boat, paddles, life jacket, and picnic lunch. Kayaking or canoeing is a great way to spend the day together, sightsee, and have time for a lot of great conversation!

What do you have planned for your next summer date?

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